Monday, November 22, 2010

The Hip Housewife is annoyed and spouts her opinion, you've been warned

The adult film actress who was allegedly assaulted by Charlie Sheen, Christina Walsh, was on Good Morning America this morning with her attorney to talk with George Stephanopoulos.

One of the questions she was asked, was if there was an agreement between her and Mr. Sheen that she was to be paid for sex.   She said there was not.  Her attorney then pointed out that if that was true, it turned Mr. Sheen into just another john.  George countered that that said something about his client.

And I got pissed.

IF there was an agreement between the two of them regarding pay for sex, that has really nothing to do with the fact that he assaulted her.  If was she says is true, that he threw a lamp and other objects at her, that he put his hands on her throat, that he shoved her around and took her stuff out of her purse and threw them around the room, that's assault and her reason for being in his hotel room are irrelevant.

In my opinion, which isn't the end all be all, but I'm still entitled to it.

This woman, has been called a hooker who exaggerated the event in order to boost her website traffic and get money from Mr. Sheen.  

The fact that she said on her website that she was fine, is being held up as evidence that there was no assault.  

So, Mr. Sheen, who has been arrested on domestic violence charges, accidentally shot his fiancee in 1990, has been in rehab a number of times for alcohol and cocaine, is being given the benefit of the doubt that this whore is just after his money.

When Mr.  Sheen testified against Heidi Fleiss, he said he paid for sex, but was given immunity.  And, as I recall, the names in her little black book were not going to be released because it would be embarrassing for the men in the book.  But, the working girls were all arrested, as was Ms. Fleiss.

I call bullshit.  It takes two to create a contract for sex for money and both of them are criminals in the eyes of the law, but only the women are called names and reviled.

And, once again, a prostitute (if that is indeed the case) gets beat up by her john and nobody gives a shit because she was asking for it by being a dirty slut.

Prostitutes are murdered all the time, beat up all the time, robbed all the time, raped all the time and nobody cares.  Because they're whores, women who have sex.

Women who have sex are frowned on, called sluts, called other nasty things but men who have sex?  Well, that's something very different.

Mr. Sheen is wandering around saying that he had a 'bad night'.  Assaulting a woman is a 'bad night'?  And he's had a number of 'bad nights' involving women and substances.  But, oh no, Mr. Sheen is being taken advantage of by a women who (voice lowers to hissy whisper) has sex.

Ya know what?  Women have sex.  Women are encouraged in the magazines written for them to have sex.  There are professionals who help women have sex, but it's only okay in a monogamous relationship.  A woman having sex with several partners?  Ohhhhhh no, that's not okay.  

The double standard is tiresome and sexist.  And women are dying because of the stupid double standard.  

Yes, I'm being a drama queen, but it makes me mad!

Done rant.  

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you want to try a trick to remove blackheads from your nose, wash with warm water to open your pores and spread a layer of white glue over your nose.  When it dries, peel it off.  


sarah said...

Amen sister! Oh, and I love you. :)

Cyndee said...

Some things have not changed. They may do so in the future and under some circumstances women are getting more even handed justice. But we have a long way to go.