Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a very sad and difficult time in my life

I'm going to keep this short, but it's not sweet.

The Husband and I have separated.

A personal message to the friends he's probably going to be get in the split:  Those of you who are reading this who have heard only his side of the story.  I'd like to tell you that the weekend you saw him, when he told you I was leaving him, I hadn't given him my final decision about the separation.  I'd asked him to give me through that weekend. 

If you'd like to hear my side of the story I'm glad to tell you. But I'm not going to do it publicly.  You can private message me via email or Facebook. 

I'm really very sad about this.  22 years is a long, long time.  And we had a really good thing going at one time. 

When we got married in 1990, we were so much in love.  Somewhere between now and then it went sour.  My heart is broken for my children.  I'm so concerned about what they'll be going through.  I love them so much

Again, if you'd like to hear my side of it, I'll tell you.