Monday, July 15, 2013

A new entry with new happenings with a spouting of opinion chaser

Hey cats!  Welp, here I am with some stuff to tell you.

Big news number one: The Husband and I have decided to reconcile.  We're sleeping in the same bed, doing things together, talking, telling the truth and generally going through our day to day the best we know how.  Things are going well.  As I said, we're talking.

It's a big deal for me to be able to ask him questions, ask him if he wants to talk about anything and tell him the truth for me now.  It's difficult to acknowledge my past bad behavior and say "During right now, it's important for me <insert whatever it is that's important to me that we're talking about>."

We both get frustrated with each other.  It seems that we're dealing with those frustrations a little differently.

Big news number two:  I'm now the bee's-knees barista.  I've been working for a big, coffee making company for almost four months now.  It's going nicely.  I am able to use my customer service skills to connect with our customers.  Our regulars have started to ask where I am if I'm not there!  Well, I heard one ask if I was there when I wasn't taking orders at the drive through window.

And we do get some cuh-RA-zee orders!  Caramel Macchiato, upside down, extra hot, made with half 2% milk and half 1/2 and 1/2 with cinnamon power on the top.  Or an iced drink with exactly FIVE ice cubes.  Five.  Not four.  Not six.  Five.

We just make it.

Big news number three:  Thanks to assistance from the Barista's mom and dad, we got our shower re-done.  This is after dealing with the tiles falling off to find mold growing behind them.  For several months we showered with plastic sheeting held up by duct tape.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.



Now I want to paint the bathroom.  I'm auditioning paint colors.  A turquoise is currently a front runner.

Now for my opinion.

I'm very troubled by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.  Mr. Zimmerman followed a young man, who was African-American and wearing a hoodie, not surprising since it was raining.

He'd been told by the 911 operator they didn't need him to follow the person he was following.

Trayvon Martin turned and asked Mr. Zimmerman why he was following him.  Mr. Zimmerman claims he said "What are you talking about?"  and Trayvon hit him.  Trayvon then started to beat him up.

And Mr. Zimmerman claims he was in fear for his life and shot the kid.  The kid who was just walking back from the store in a drizzle wearing a hoodie.  Oh, and he was black.

The thing I keep circling back to is that Mr. Zimmerman's actions instigated the fight.  If this had been a bar fight, things probably would have gone very differently.  If they had gotten to Trayvon's driveway, things would have gone very differently.  If Trayvon had been white, things wouldn't have happened at all.

I'm heartbroken for Trayvon's family and I'm walking around with an anger I can't do anything about.

I'm also somewhat worried that we'll see some type of increase in vigilantism.  Not a huge amount, but a little.  And if anyone else is shot for not doing anything but walking back from the store, that's too many.

Call the police and let them do their job.  Are there racist officers?  Of course there are.  But let them do their job.  It's not YOUR job.

Now we'll watch the civil trial.  And, I understand that Mr. Zimmerman owes his defense team a huge amount of money and can't pay them.  The defense team appeared on the View today and stated they hope Mr. Zimmerman will be able to pay them some day.

*sigh*  The world is a crazy place.  I think I need to cook some, since cooking helps.

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