Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah, okay then........

The advertising service I was using has cancelled my account, I'm no longer allowed to have ads on my page.

The reason given is that the click activity is invalid, meaning they feel live instructed followers to click on the ads or because I have followers who are reading from other countries, they think I've signed up with a service that signs on to my site and clicks for me.

Apparently, I'm getting too many clicks from the same locations for the traffic I have here.  My big 25-30 visitors a day are viewing the ads too much, so I'm not going to be able to have ads on  my site.  The huge amount of $45 that I'd earned over the last 50 days has gone back to the advertisers and Google and since I've already appealed there's no way I can be reinstated as a client.

This has pissed me off.  So, I have a little site where the people who read think they'll help me out by looking at the ads.  But, that's not okay, so the ads have been pulled.

Please let me apologize for the fact that the ads have actually been looked at and I have a bit of traffic from non-friends.  (And thank you non-friends!  It makes me feel like the cat's meow when I see I'm getting views and *repeated* views from dollies who found me by accident.  Whoo!  That's a kick in the head!  No sarcasm is meant here, I really get all warm and fuzzy to see I have readers.  :)  )

And to everyone out there, all 30 of you, does that make any sense to you?  Or am I just being indignant for no reason?

The other crazy thing is that I really got my feelings hurt, by Google!  It's as ridiculous as crying over a declined friend request on Facebook.

I'm almost forty years old, I need to get over all the adolescent crap that I know some people never get over but I don't want to be eternally trapped in 10th grade because 10th grade was really NOT the cat's meow.  It was more like the cat's yowl because it's been taken to the vet and has to deal with the indignity of wearing the cone of shame.

I am eternally grateful to the deity of your choice that social networking didn't exist when I was in high school.

On a more pleasant subject, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year, a challenge to writers to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  I'm going to be posting my word count to date every few days.  I have to count the words with my eyeballs and my finger because Mac Textedit doesn't have a word count tool.

The idea is to just get words on paper, not striving for a finished product. Editing will come later, once I'm done futzing with what I've written this month I'll be posting them to my sister page The Jane Chronicles.  The real challenge is to write some every day, getting into that habit of making yourself get something down, even if it's awful.    I'm lucky enough that I had a woman who gave me some great techniques for getting started when you can't think of anything.

One, is to assign a word to each side of a die, then roll the die and start with that word.  Or, choose a word and write it over and over and see where it goes.

For example:  Beach ball.  Beach ball beach ball beach ball the kids batted the beach ball over their heads, bouncing it off their graduation hats, enjoying the last of their high school moments.  The ones who were already drunk tried to hit the ball as it flew by but only succeeded in a big whiff or whacking the person next to them.  Greg Markson got knocked down and bit Craig Lawon on the ankle in response.

Craig screamed "God DAMMIT!" just as there was a lull in all the cheering as new graduates stepped up to have their names called, making his fellow graduates and many of the spectators roar with laughter in response.   Craig got through the ceremony and then threw up under the bleachers before going to hug his grandparents.

Like that.

So, NaNoWriMo word count:  875

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If your skin has started to break out without a change in your skin care routine or diet, first, change your pillow case, then go to the doctor.  It could be a symptom of something else.

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Cyndee said...

Wrong....simply wrong! Google you are wrong.