Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 a.m. A play in one act


Scott: Suburban husband and father
Peavey: Black labrador mix dog, all black in color
Zoe:  9 year old girl
Amanda:  Suburban wife and mother
Will: 4 year old boy
Gibson:  Dalmatian mix dog, white with black spots

Setting:  Suburban home
1st scene:  Average main bedroom in an average home.  1 bed w/ end tables on either side.
Lights, very low, but not at full dark

All six family members are sprawled in the large bed.  Amanda is huddled on the edge, both dogs and Will are in the center, Zoe and her dad are sitting up and talking.

Scott: Okay, the storm's over, it's time to go back to your own bed.

Zoe:  All right, are you sure it's gone?

Scott: Yes, it's gone, come one.

Scott leads Zoe into the next scene, a standard living room.  A couch centered with a coffee table before it.  A door to the backyard at stage right, stairs stage left.  Lights higher here, but still low, the sound of rain is heard.

Peavey the dog follows Scott and Zoe into the living room and stands at the door to the backyard.

Scott opens the door and looks at Peavey.  Peavey looks at Scott, with raised doggie eyebrows.

Scott:  Okay fine, don't go out.

Scott leads Zoe upstairs, sounds of saying good night, assurances that there is no more thunder and covers being pulled up are heard as Peavey wanders around the living room sniffing the floor.

Scott reappears at the bottom of the stairs as Peavey squats and pees on the living room rug.

Scott: Peavey!  You stupid dog.

Scott stomps to the backdoor and yanks it open.

Scott: Get out there!

Peavey slinks through the open door.  Scott bangs the door closed behind the dog.

Scott exits stage left and reappears holding a towel.  He folds the towel in fourths and places it on the doggie puddle, then stands on the towel.

Canine whining is heard from the back door.

Scott bounces up and down on the towel a few times before walking to the back door.

Scott: Come on you pea-brain.

Peavey scrambles into the house and rolls on the rug to dry himself.

Scott opens the bedroom door and enters quietly.  Lights go darker, but not to full dark.  Peavey follows.

Scott sits down on the empty side of the bed and sighs heavily, then lays down and pulls the blankets up.

Amanda rolls over.  Gibson raises his head to see who it is and curls back into a ball.  Peavey creeps onto the bed and lays next to Amanda.  Will flops two or three times before becoming still.

Lights drop to full dark.


Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  to shrink your pores, dunk your face in a sink full of very cold water.  Hold your face under as long as you can hold your breath.  Pat dry and apply make-up.

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