Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't expect much today

Whoo!  I prepared for Halloween, I created Halloween, I enjoyed Halloween, now I collapse.

We had a joyous dark holiday this year.  I tend to get a little crazy in planning parties, I sweat insignificant details and always have too much food.  My philosophy is too much food is better than not enough, know what I mean?

I got so concerned about having adequate supplies for Halloween, I called Scott from the parking lot of a store to ask "Do you think 500 pieces of candy is enough?".

While I was saying it I realized what a ridiculous statement that was, of course it was enough candy!  We'd have to have 250 trick or treaters who would receive 2 pieces per kid to run out.  What was I thinking?  I dunno, I was probably thinking to make sure we had enough candy left over for my personal consumption.  I told you before I sort through my children's treats for the good candy, but you see, if I BUY the good candy then I don't have to steal from my children.  So, I'm actually being a better mom by getting all this candy.

I also overdid just a little, just a little mind you, on the cranberry wine punch and pumpkin ale last night so it's lots of water for me and I'm going to be taking a little nap today.

The good thing about the day after a party where I've made entirely too large a batch of beef stew, is the fact that I don't have to worry about dinner tonight, that's already made.  I have some to freeze, always a good thing and one of my favorite things to eat is bread dipped in thick beef broth, so I'm a happy girl as far as sustenance is concerned.

One of the not great things about today is that I'll be parking my son in front of the electronic babysitters while I sit around, resting.

Which I'm going to go do right now.  You should go put on some lipstick and eat some candy, because every day is a good day for both of those things.  

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  In the winter time when the air is drier, drink more water to keep your skin looking good.  

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