Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What didn't happen in the last ten years?

Let's see.

2000-2010.  We started in San Jose and ended up in Austin, just in relocations the decade was incredible.

We moved from San Jose to Seattle, then Seattle to Los Angeles, then within the Los Angeles area, then Los Angeles to Vancouver BC, then Vancouver to L.A. and L.A. to Austin.

Our life in Austin has stretched to almost double the amount of time we've spent in any other city.  We were in the L.A. area for three years when Zoe was a baby, but that was split between two different homes.  We were in the same apartment in San Jose for the entire 2 1/2 years we were there.

Here, we've been in the same spot for four years.  A record!  We've been able to get not only one dog but two!

I became a mother not once but twice.  I got a sensible car and joined the mother's club in my area, where ever that might be.  No one was more surprised than me when it turned out I liked the stay at home mom gig.

I started blogging and made friends all over the world.

I went crazy for a little while but I got better.

I turned 30, my belly filled with a baby girl we'd already named Zoe.

I got the courage to start taking photographs just for the joy of it and was pleased when I took good ones.

I started painting, again pleased when I was good at it.

I made history in the last Presidential election.  I never felt so empowered as a citizen of the United States as when I cast my ballot!

I did have to give up some dreams, something that comes with the territory of parenthood and realizing that the rules actually apply to me, that I will get older and these kids will grow up.

But, I got some new ones.  I'm not ready to share those yet, but the day may come.

I was paid for my writing for the first time.

I got the courage to give life some lipstick and told it to kiss my ass.

I did a lot of things that convinced me I can be fearless and strong, compassionate and generous, vulnerable and sad.

I'm still the Amazing Amanda, the one who produced cold beers from her purse like magic.

I may actually qualify as the crazy/cool mom of Zoe and Will who lets them paint the house and the fence and serves lemonade in Halloween cups in the middle of summer.

I became a girl scout leader and was surprised that I liked it.

I re-learned how to take care of myself without making the people I love feel like I was neglecting them.

I got a bottle of rum and taught myself to make Bananas Foster.

Come over for New Year's, I'll show you.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you are working retail this time of year and your feet are killing you, sit on the edge of the bathtub and stick them under running hot water, then cold, then hot again.  It will surprise you how much of a difference this makes.

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