Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hip Housewife crawls out from under the Christmas exhaustion

Christmas!  Wow!

It was just the four, well, six of us this year.  Scott, Zoe, Will, Zoe, Gibson, Peavey and me.

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, two of them threw up.  Will, about four and either Peavey or Gibson sometime between four and six.

Will came down into our bed about midnight, coughing and snuffling despite the Vick's I'd rubbed on his feet and covered with socks, the vaporizer chuffing out steam in his room and the dose of Benadryl he'd gotten before getting into bed.

I'd only gotten to bed 30 minutes earlier and sleep hadn't really overtaken me yet.

His coughing, Scott's snoring and the dogs edging me out of bed drove me upstairs to Will's bed, where I fell asleep and slept hard until two-thirty when Will came upstairs to show me one of the four Nerf shooters, aw hell he got four guns, from Santa.  I said he needed to take those back downstairs and come back up to lay down with me.

He completed the first task but not the second, I headed downstairs to see what he was doing.  He was looking at all the gifts Santa had left out for him and Zoe.  Nerf guns, Monster High dolls, a basket of cake mixes and patty-pans were on the tow big chairs in our living room.

I tried unsuccessfully to get him into bed, any bed, before I gave up 45 minutes later and dozed off on the couch.  I had the thought that if something Really Bad happened he'd scream, waking me up.  (Please don't report me to CPS, okay?)

He woke me up  to tell me he wanted to go lay down with his dad.  I took him into our room, where he went to sleep for an hour and fifteen minutes.  (Are you keeping track of how much sleep I got?  We're at four hours right now.)

He woke up at four a.m. saying his tummy was upset, he decided to go into the quarter bath off the living room and didn't make it.  Upon spilling the mess out of his tummy he went back into the master bathroom, expect his dad was peeing and while Will was waiting he whoopsed again.  Luckily, both time he hit the tile.  I'm not sure I've ever been so thankful for our lack of wall-to-wall carpeting as when a child tossed their cookies on my tile floor.

On the way out to clean up, I met up with dog barf on the rug  in the living room.

Merry Christmas!  *grump*

After cleaning up Will wasn't about to go back to bed, I let him stay up.  I got coffee made and let him play on the computer, dozing in our recliner until Zoe got up at six, at which point the kids were sent in to wake up their dad.

And the present ripping began!  The kids also received stuffed animals, clothes, books, DVDs, a toy tattoo kit, a box of card games and a bunch of jars of spices for Will.

Allow me to explain, Will likes to do "  'speriments".  He takes a glass of water and pours in various spices and mixes them up.  Usually, he offers me to drink it and I answer "Um, no thanks.".  He got really excited about his bottles of experiment supplies.

I made french toast and bacon.  (check out my new page I made to show off my cooking adventures  After we feasted, Scott went back to bed for a while.

I was swaying on my feet so I strong armed the kids into a nap and went back to bed myself.

And I slept for four hours.

After I woke up, we took the doggies to the dog park, came home to watch The Santa Clause and I made Potatoes Au Gratin with ham, being creative with the supplies we had.

The kids were put to bed early.  Scott and I indulged in our Christmas tradition of watching A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart, our favorite version, while having stilton cheese and port.  This year, we had a bottle of port one of Scott's co-workers brought us from Portugal.  Oh, it was good!  Sweet, rich, smooth, just like it should be.

The night of the 25th, I got six hours uninterrupted sleep!  Possibly the best Christmas gift ever!

And now, we clean, well, *I* clean.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  When you clip your toenails, be sure to clip them straight across or you'll get an ingrown toenail, something you really don't want.

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