Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day two of the laziness challenge

Zoe and Scott are both off until the first of the year. Will won't have preschool until January, so we're all home all day for the next two weeks.

Yesterday and today, we've all been slopping around in our pajamas playing video games, watching movies and taking naps.

This is easy for the kids, who always want to be entertained electronically all day without having to get dressed. Scott lives for these days too.

I do pretty well for a few hours, then I become wracked with guilt and get up to do something. If I groggily open my eyes during my nap, I'll look at the clock and think whether I could go back to sleep. Usually I bully myself into getting up, but yesterday? Yesterday? I went back to sleep! I took a four hour nap for the first time in years.

The sitting around is weird for me, I'm not used to it and I'm always telling myself it's not okay to veg out. It's been a struggle to go along with the slow flow and not rouse the family up to clean rooms or do dishes.

Before we had children, these kinds of days were easy for me, I worked, I got tired, sometimes I suffered from insomnia. The days I could rest were ones I needed to take advantage of, lying down and not being on my feet fetching books for customers.

Now, with kids and a household I should be taking care of it's become harder for me to admit that I'm tired and need a snooze or a few hours to sit around playing games on Pogo or Popcap.

Today I have given it the old college try! I made microwave grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids' lunch. I've been watching Netflix instant movies and goofing around on my laptop.

Eventually, the inactivity will get to me and I'll start to wander around picking things up or folding laundry. This week we'll need to get the kids' rooms cleaned out to make room for the Santa-produced haul they'll be getting on Saturday. Cookies need to be made for the man in red, photos need to be printed for the grandparents and then mailed and the kids can't stay in the same pajamas forever.

But, for the next forty-five minutes, I'm going to watch Law and Order and harvest my Frontierville crops. Pass the chips.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day: I've decided naps are good for your skin. :)

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