Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Has anyone else noticed?

We've had a lot of down time here at Casa de 'burbs for the last ten days.  We don't usually have a lot of down time.  I tend to make sure we're all busy.

But these last two weeks of the year?  We've been doing a lot of relaxing and sitting around.

Does anyone else have the experience that the more you relax and sit around, the harder it is to actually get up and do anything?  And when you do get up, you get tired really quickly?  But you get frustrated because you're tired and then sit back down?

Am I the only one this happens to?  Or is this normal?

I wonder because I've regularly assumed that I'm just lazy and get very unmotivated to do anything.  Housework? Laundry? Prepare food?  Nah, I'd rather play Farmville.   Besides, the other three people who live here will undo all my handiwork inside of fifteen minutes so why should I bother?

But my friend Amanda told me that she's had that same thing happen to her.  It must be the whole 'a body in motion stays in motion' thing.  Since my body has been at rest, it wants to stay at rest.  I must say it's a very good thing we don't have a couch with the recliners built in and the little fold down tables or I'd only move to pee.

Did you know there are big sectionals with a mini-fridge in them?  For the person who has decided that they are going to supervise the world via television.  What is it Drew Carey says?  "Have you lost all hope?  Try this!"  

I honestly wonder how it's going to work when school/work kicks back in, we've been sleeping in until outrageous hours, like, seven.  Zoe has to be up at 6, at the latest, to get ready for school.

Is there enough coffee in the world?  Welp, Monday, we're gonna see!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  As good at pale looks, be sure to get at least a little sun to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

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bedlamhouse said...

Personertia. A body at rest tends to remain at rest. In front of the fire. With tea and cozy slippers.