Friday, December 3, 2010

Wait up guys! Wait up!

Life has completely gotten away from me this week.  And the fact that today is Friday took me totally by surprise, I didn't realize the week was going so fast until yesterday when I realized there was a Girl Scout meeting that evening and I panicked, running around getting everything together I needed.

I'm going to claim that I'm not getting enough sleep to explain why I'm dragging.  First, it's been cold and I haven't been able to locate our extra blankets.

The dogs chewed up my comforter, a pattern I loved and is hard to find anymore.  I'm pissed and hate everything else I look at, bitter that celestial isn't as popular as it was in the mid-1990's.  I going to paint you dumb mutts!  Anyway, this is a layer of bedding we don't have anymore and haven't replaced yet.

The quilts and throws I can find are too short.  I'm trying various positioning, putting it on the bed like a diamond instead of a square so it will go over my feet.  But it doesn't work and I end up contorting myself to keep myself under the covers.

Toss into the mix the two 30 pound dogs who sleep with us.  If it's a good night, Peavey will curl up on Scott's feet and Gibson will burrow under the covers, curling up against my stomach and putting his head on my hip.  This helps hugely when I'm trying to stay warm, I can hug my puppy and feel toasty.

But, if it's a bad night, the animals will plop right on top of the blankets, leaving me only a sliver.  Then I have to kick the dogs around until I can get fully under the covers.  Or, they'll decide they want to sleep on the pillows with us. Sometimes I have to give up and move out to the couch where only one of them can get up with me, which is easier to deal with.

And my four year old son climbs in bed with us every night.  Why do we still allow this?  Because he operates via stealth.  He gets in bed with us without waking anyone up, then when I feel uncomfortable I wake up to discover that my son has come into my room and practically pushed me out of bed.

I'll move up to his bed, which is the most comfortable one in the house anyway.  I'm not kidding, we call his bed "The Bed of Doom" because if you lay down  on it, you go to sleep.  My mom, who suffers from horrid insomnia, even in her own bed, sleeps like a rock in Will's bed.  I have to close the door or the dogs will come get in bed with me.

I'll sleep in Will's bed until he wakes up, finds that I've moved elsewhere and comes to find me.  Then the process starts all over again.  He opens the door, the dogs rush in, he gets in bed with me and I end up with a teeny corner of the blanket.

If it's close to five a.m. I'll give up and just get up, hoping that Will will stay conked out and not follow me to the living room.

With all these nighttime dramas I drag through my day, trying to get stuff done.  I drink too much coffee to try and compensate, then I can't focus on any one task long enough to finish it so I end up trying to multitask but that doesn't work either, the end result being I make messes and feel frustrated.

I stay up late to try and achieve my simple goals, the process repeats and I start the next day more tired and scattered than ever.  I'm thinking I should let it all go today and only do my bare minimum of tasks before making the other residents of this house assist me this weekend.

That sounds good.  Where's the coffee?  Oh! Ellen's on!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  There is no cream or lotion that will lift anything anywhere on your body.  Rubbing egg whites on your skin and letting it dry will give the same result.

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Cyndee said...

This is why God invented crates. As I am told frequently....You have empowered your dogs. "nuff said.