Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do people do these things!

I was getting ready to write about how I've been bummed out for the last few days, maybe it's seasonal or holiday blues or not enough sleep, but then I watched the news.

We watch the news every morning, starting with our local news at 6 a.m. before catching Good Morning America at 7.  While I'm watching I play Farmville, check my email and bust up the early morning fights between my kids.

This morning, I learned a couple in Cypress Texas stole two inflated Christmas decorations last night.  Why am I even mentioning this, you may be asking, these things happen all the time.  Yeah, it's a bummer but what's up?

They were stolen from in front of a VFW Hall.  A man and a woman pulled up in front of Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, made sure no one was around and took their Christmas decorations.

What the fuck?

This story sent me into a fit of frustrated rage.  I can't go get their decor back and the VFW Hall is too far away for me to go visit with cookies and sympathy.  I can't find the chubby, bald man and the woman with it and shout that they're odious creatures, stealing from our vets and they probably don't even know what odious means!

The news is referring to them as a couple of Grinches instead of assholes, probably because they can't use the word 'asshole' on the morning news.

When I was working retail, it was right about now, the week before the 25th when we started to say "Merry Fucking Christmas!" in the break room.  Joy, fellowship and goodwill towards man were all lost due to long lines and the fact that we didn't have a book scheduled to be published in 60 days in stock already.

This is definitely an MFC moment.

So, if you are going to be addressing holiday cards and have a couple extra go to: to request an address so you can send a card to the troops overseas.

Now, I must go try and restore my Christmas spirit, The Santa Clause anyone?

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