Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pay it forward!

Scott's car broke down on Saturday and had to be towed to our neighborhood mechanic.  He's a cool guy, honest, friendly.  He reminds us of our mechanic in California only organized and cleaner. 

One thing I stress about when we move is finding a mechanic.  If I don't know anyone how do I find a person who maintain our cars?  Even when you get recoommendations it's a toss-up.  In San Jose we went to the mechanic a couple of my co-workers told me about and the guys sucked.  They lied, they didn't fix stuff, they took a really long time, a bad scene all the way around.

But here, we have a great place only half a mile away, so we can drop off for inspections or oil changes and walk home. And the owner really likes being our neighborhood mechanic, it's what he wants.  He understands that if you treat your customers honestly and well, they'll tell their friends he's an honest mechanic. 

Anyway, Scott's car is in the shop.  We have one car for a couple of days and since Will has preschool today, I drove Scott to work.  We were out of coffee filters this morning, making the creation of coffee challenging.  We tried the paper towel method, which didn't go so well.  My excellent friends Greg and Jenn gave us a french press at Halloween, which slipped out of my hands when I was cleaning it last month and broke.  No way to make coffee this morning.

Let's say that we were feeling the lack of caffiene.  We opted to drive through Starbucks on our way to drop Will off at school.  Besides, there are Peppermint Mochas right now. 

We pulled up to the window and were told our total was only six dollars since the person in front of us paid for one of our drinks.

Can I tell you that made my morning?  How cool is that?  I thought random acts of kindness went out with the 1990s. 

The first thing I said to Scott was that I'd have to do that for someone else some day soon.  It keeps the good karma going around and around and around. 

I really like little things like that.  They make me happy. I now will go on to do a little thing like that for someone else in hopes of making them happy.

And it was yum yum yummy!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Very, very few women look good in a turtleneck.  Go with the odds and don't wear one.

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Cyndee said...

I love the pay it forward action. Inspired me to do the same in the drive thru this AM. Thanks for the reminder!