Monday, December 20, 2010

So much for that experiment

Scott and I reached our breaking point about 3 p.m. this afternoon. Actually, the kids reached THEIR breaking point and Scott and I had to deal with it.

To begin with, Zoe missed her medication. I know that sounds weird to say about a nine-year-old girl, but she did, which transformed her into a female ADHD creature that runs around the house screaming. That's not an exaggeration, she runs around the house and screams. Her brother runs after her and screams too.

Among the things that happened before 3 p.m., they played in the mud, had a bath and when told to go get dressed, went upstairs to draw clothes on with markers before having a parade in the living room. They got along fine until 1:30, when we insisted on naps. Zoe is too old for the nap thing, but when she is being the ADHD creature we insist that she have some horizontal time.

Yeah, that failed. Neither of them would snooze. Scott and I were going to nap while the kids did, none of that either. No, I take that back, I napped.

When I got up the kids were still screaming but at each other, complete with flinging of objects. Scott made the suggestion we load up the whole family, including the two with fur all over them and head off to the dog park.

I agreed this was a great idea. We got everyone loaded up and headed out.

There's a great fenced, dog park not too far from our house, big with trees and a little hill and other dogs to play with.

We found out exactly how fast Peavey can run. There was a Basenji there that was running like the wind when we got there. Peavey dashed after him and caught up really, really quickly. Scott laughed and said that was the hound in him, the long legs and the full chest let him sprint. Poor Gibson couldn't even keep up, his short legs wouldn't let him, he had to settle for pestering the big Rottweiler.

While this was going on, Zoe and Will had found some other kids to play with. There's a hill with a big, plastic pipe going through it for the doggies to run through, expect the other kids had taken it over and were happy to have other young people to play with. They climbed over and through and ran around, trying to get one or the other of the pups to chase a ball or a frisbee.

It was really very enjoyable and the dogs loved it. We've decided if the weather stays nice we'll go hiking at the dog friendly trail tomorrow. Both the pets are sleeping now, as they have been since we got home.

And more cardio is always a good thing.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day: Stand up straight, it makes you look taller and it's better for your back.

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