Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I blog

I know a lot of people who blog.   For the most part, I like reading blogs.  I can keep up on what's happening with my friends, get a giggle or learn something about current events.  There are the exceptions where the author will describe in colorful detail the difficulties they are having with their intestines or solicit donations for the vacation they want to take with updates on how much they've collected, but there are a lot of smart and funny people on the web and I enjoy reading their blogs.

I maintain three, you're reading one currently and I participate in two photo-a-day blogs.  I've been blogging for a decade.  I started when I was pregnant with Zoe, I would blog about being pregnant and then about being a new mom.

I like writing and blogging gave me an outlet to vent and/or keep family and friends up-to-date on our diaper filled lives.

I've read blogs about why people blog.  Some say it's because they feel strongly about bringing important information and news to the people who read their writings, others say they want to offer a different perspective on issues.  I've also read blogging is the ultimate form of narcissism , the idea that everyone in the world wants to know all about me at any given moment in my life.

Well, maybe it's not that intense but it's certainly all about attention.  Everyone needs attention, it proves a person exists.  When a person blogs, they can get attention from people far away.  Nothing tickles me more than to see that someone from another country has viewed my blog.

Someone across the ocean read by brain discharge!

I have worth!

I have value!

I blog, therefore I AM!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you have a red pimple on your face, dab on some eye drops designed to reduce redness to bring the color down.

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Jamie said...

I have blogged for about a decade as well ( remember diaryland? I started there!). I started as a way to vent - or as a way to gain some sort of validation. That didn't really happen, because just like to this day I tend to scare readers away or bore them to death rather than to get anyone to follow or stick around for more than one entry. I'm okay with that because it is therapeutic for me.

I have my pet peeves about blogging (heavy ads / buttons and begging for money are the top two) and I've seen a few evolve from an average blog to a money making empire and it saddens me. I guess I'm weird.