Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's some lipstick, now kiss my ass.

I got really, really angry at a woman in the news this week.

A woman named Jennifer Petkov to be exact. Mrs. Petkov lives in Michigan and has been feuding with her across the street neighbor, Rebecca Rose, for two years. Yah? So? Neighbors feud all time?

Rebecca Rose's daughter, Laura Edwards, died of Huntington's disease last year at the age of twenty-four. And her seven year old granddaughter, Kathleen, is in the final stages of Huntington's as well.

The latest, is that Mrs. Petkov created a photograph incorporating Kathleen's face over a pair of crossed bones. She also put Laura's face into a picture being hugged by the grim reaper both of which she put up on a facebook page, apparently created just for that reason.

Somehow, this got brought to the attention of the local news who trotted out to ask Mrs. Petkov what the deal was.

They found Mrs. P standing on her porch with her arms crossed, one hip popped out and bobbing her head around while she shouted "Personal satisfaction." in response to the question why she'd done such a thing. "Because it rubs their ass raw. Burns their ass.....Because it burns Rebecca Rose's ass raw for me to make fun of her dead daughter on that page."

When the reporter said "That sounds sick."

She responded "Take it or leave it." and shrugged.

Mrs. Petkov and her husband have painted their truck with gravestones, put a homemade coffin in the back and parked it in front of their house. Which is across the street from the house where a child is actively dying. Mrs. Petkov has allegedly said to Kathleen "I can't wait until you die."

I am rarely speechless. I'm hardly every at a loss for words. I don't find myself struck dumb very often. But, Jennifer Petkov made a rage rise up in me that paralyzed my vocal cords. My fists clenched. My teeth clenched. My brain got a severe cramp trying to wrap itself around this situation.

I don't think the word 'hate' is strong enough to describe what I feel about this woman.

And there wasn't a damn thing I could do! All I could do was stomp around my house whispering "You fucking cunt. You low life motherfucking shit filled asshole." I had to whisper because my kids were home. I took to my facebook page to repeat this profanity. Then I stomped around some more.

There was an update on the story fairly quickly, a clip of of Mrs. Petkov wearing her glasses calmly apologizing for her behavior. The problem she's got is no one believes her. The shameless and seemingly proud display on her porch cemented the public's opinion. The opinion that she's so full of shit it's leaking out her eyes.

Mrs. Petkov is a grown-ass woman who's a bully. She's been bullying the family across the street. Kathleen's father, the widower of Laura, was asked why he hasn't gone across the street and kicked some ass.

His answer was that he has enough on his plate. Hospice is coming to their home to help with Kathleen, who is having seizures.

But once the story hit the news there were plenty of people willing to go across the street and kick some ass. The Petkov's had their home egged, got a bunch of pizzas they didn't order and received death threats. Mr. Petkov was suspended from his job with pay, but may be fired. The police came to visit them. And, get this, child protective services came to their house.

(That's right, this woman's a parent. And Rebecca Rose says the whole thing started when Mrs. Petkov's kids weren't invited to a birthday party.)

In other words, the bully got bullied back. And, like all cowardly bullies, she ran to hide in the house and said she was sorry. But, as I said, no one believes her.

I do, however, believe her husband. He's moved the truck with the tombstones painted on it into their backyard, behind a fence. He busted up the coffin and took down all the Halloween decorations. He got as close to his neighbor's home as he was able, not very close since there's an order of protection against him, and apologized directly to Kathleen's family. He apologized again to television cameras. He seems very contrite and sincere.

A candlelight ceremony was held outside Kathleen's home to show the family that the community supports them. While this was happening the Petkovs put a lit candle on their porch.

The story has gone international. Kathleen's family has received well wishes from Germany and Australia. Random people are coming to their house to give them money. A toy store has raised a bunch of funds so Kathleen can have a big shopping spree, she'll be sharing the toys with kids in a local hospital.

My pissed off feeling is fading the longer Mrs. Petkov stays in her house. I hope she stays there.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day: You can use Vaseline as eye cream and a lip treatment. Start with a very tiny amount around your eyes, patting it on with your ring fingers. Cheap and even a small container will last a long time.


Jamie said...

That is really something. I believe that the kharma will continue to get her for what she has done. Simply apologizing isn't enough in my opinion. That poor family for having to deal with that bs.

Kirsten said...

Did they every say what the feud was about? I agree with with Jamie....Karma came around and did full justice there!