Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hold still and answer the question!

Election day is soon!  I get excited about election day because I find voting a neat-o, pretty terrif thing.

During the 2008 Presidential election, I felt amazingly empowered, like I was going to actually make a change in the world, history was going to be made that year and *I* got to be a part of that!  Me, the stay-at-home housewife in the 'burbs with no college degree was going to help make history!  Well, damn!

Anyway, election day is coming up next week and the television ads are coming at us hot and heavy, every single one of them carrying the message "Don't vote for my opponent!" along with all the reasons I should not vote for the enemy.  Oh, look, here's one now,  don't vote for this guy because he'll raise taxes and........uh, that's it.  I should NOT vote for that guy because I'll pay more taxes, so who do I vote for then?  There's not even a suggestion about who I SHOULD vote for,  just, don't vote for this jerk!

This is like talking to my kids.
"What did you do?"
"My sister poked me so I......"
"No, what did YOU do?"
"Well, she wouldn't share the chair and then then poked me......"
"Answer my question. What did YOU do?"
"She poked me in my face and it hurt...."
"I'm not asking that, I'm asking what you did."

I have yet to see one ad where a candidate states their position on an issue, there are only ads telling me who not to vote for.  I could head out to one of the events where the candidates are speaking, but a woman had her head stomped on at a Rand Paul rally and I don't really think I'd like being out among people who would stomp on another person's head. 

So, I'm doing my research on the internet, which is just as frustrating as television.  Why on earth would one of the candidate lead on his website with how much money he's raised for his campaign and to invite me to donate more?  *William Shatner style pause*  I'm confused.

Where's the information about their position on improving education and support of veterans?  No, I already know the other guy is a jerk, this one like Obama and this one hates Obama.  I don't care who feels what way about Obama, I want to know if you'll support the school my daughter attends. 

Oh, Jesus, it doesn't matter if the other person is a parent and what church you attend doesn't matter are you going to increase, decrease or sustain educational funding?  Answer the damn question!  Stop telling me you hate the other guys! 

If you were my kid I'd put you in a time out! 

Is there a Daily Show for Texas?  Get John Stewart on the phone I need help.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you color your hair at home, be sure to fully cover your hairline all the way around and focus on your part, these are the places gaps will show. 

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