Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are you sure this is legal?

I'm a mom.  I've been a mom for a decade.  Being a mom leaves a big gap in one's resume, so I have to be creative in my attempts to increase our household's income.

I sell things on ebay.  I take clothing and shoes to consignment stores.  I've sold a few paintings.  And I've figured out how to get paid for online surveys.  It takes some research.  Not all survey sites are created equal.

MySurvey.com  will mail you a check upon request or they have an extensive list of merchandise and gift cards to choose from.  The more surveys you take, the more they send you.  Once in a while you'll be selected to try out a product, shampoo or some such thing.  I was one of the try-er out-ers of an Herbal Essences shampoo before it hit the market.

But Online Opinion rarely approves you to complete any of their surveys, so I've marked them as spam.

I've filled out multiple questionnaires about our financial situation, H1N1, my grocery shopping habits and even the movie Eat, Pray, Love.  (I answered their questions truthfully.  I can't stand Julia Roberts and refuse to see any of her movies.)

Through my continued searches for ways to make a little extra cash with the least amount of effort, I've gotten registered with local market research companies.  The first time I was approved for a focus group I thought it was too good to be true.

"Wait a second? I tell you my opinion and you PAY me?  Is this a joke?"  But, yep, that's what it is.

You arrive, partake of the snacks and beverages the company has set out for the group.  Sometimes, there's an early-bird drawing,  meaning, if you arrive 15 minutes early your name is entered into a drawing for an additional wad of cash.

After you hang out with the focus group in a room with microphones and cameras giving your opinion you're handed and envelope of money.   Sometimes, you arrive for the focus group but aren't selected to participate.  You still get the envelope of money.

These days are fantastic.  I will take total advantage of the fact I already have a babysitter and go wild.  I'll hit the bookstore before having a meal by myself.  It's surprising I've never been arrested the way I run amok!

It's almost as good a gig as my full-time housewife job.  Which I should be getting back to, but I have a survey to fill out real quick.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  To clear up a blemish quickly, put a little lemon juice on it a couple of times a day.


Alyssa... said...

MySurvey.com...I'll have to keep that in mind...do you recommend using a different email address for that to cut down on spam to your regular account?

Kirsten said...

We have those survey people at the mall. $20 for 10-15 minutes of our time. Tyler and I will both participate and get $40 we either both get something or go out to eat for free. LOVE IT!!