Friday, October 22, 2010

A day in my life

I can remember being young and stupid, evidenced by my referral to women who stayed home with their children as 'staying home and eating bon-bons'.  I know, I know, put away the vegetables, it was an asshole thing to say.

Especially now that I stay home and eat bon-bons myself.  I have a smart ass thing I say when someone asks me if I work.

I say "Well, I work plenty but I'm not employed outside the home."

Every so often, I write down everything I do in a day, just to remind myself that I'm not sitting home eating bon-bons and playing Farmville.  Well, eating cereal and playing Farmville while watching Paranormal State on like Scott caught me doing Tuesday morning when he came back to get something he forgot.

Since my hands were red a couple days ago, I wrote down everything I did yesterday, check it out:

-Get up at 6 a.m. to wake up Zoe for school
-Get breakfast for Zoe
-Make coffee, take meds
-Supervise Zoe's wardrobe selection
-Will gets up, get his breakfast
-Check to make sure dishwasher ran last night
-Give Zoe her ADHD medicine
-Feed dogs
-Send kids in to wake up Scott
-Walk Zoe to school
-Watch news with Scott until he gets in the shower
-Check email
-Update blog
-Make lunches for Scott and Will
-Take the zip top bag containing Zoe's stinky sneakers & 2 pounds of baking soda out of the freezer, dump contents into washing machine and turn it on.
-Say goodbye to Scott and Will, tell Will I'll pick him up from pre-school.
-Play Farmville
-Take Zoe's sneakers out of washer, stuff dryer sheets inside them and set out to dry
-Take a bath & get dressed
-Check that I have the correct addresses for the volunteer drive I'm doing
-Drag big trash can to the curb
-Drop off cupcakes at Zoe's school for Friday's bake sale
-Go to Goodwill looking for Halloween decorations, find a Louis Vuitton bag for $5
-Pick up the client to take her to get her lab work done, wait for her at the lab, take her home
-Go to Halloween store for what I hope is the last of what I need, don't find it but find some other stuff
-Go to Target, find nothing I'm looking for, all strings of purple and orange lights are gone.
-Finally find bongo drums at Toys 'R Us
-Go home to have lunch, play Farmville and watch youtube for 30 minutes
-Chat with Scott about costume stuff and the Louis Vuitton bag I found at Goodwill
-Talk to my mom on the phone, scold her for talking on the phone while driving while it's raining
-Finish decorating cake for Zoe's bake sale
-Drop cake off at school
-Pick Will up from pre-school
-Go to yet another Halloween store, finally find the sunglasses I was hoping to locate.
-Pick Zoe up from school
-Go home for 90 minutes, let kids veg in front of the computer
-Find that Will has taken food coloring off the kitchen counter
-Discover that Will has taken colors outside and rubbed them all over himself
-Give Will a sink bath, manage to make his extremities light green instead of dark green
-Go back to school to facilitate Zoe's girl scout meeting
-Get McDonald's for dinner (don't judge me!)
-Get kids set up in front of the TV with their Happy Meals (these aren't your kids!)
-Take the trash out
-Drag big trash can back up the driveway
-Play Farmville
-Scott comes home
-Feed the dogs
-Start cleaning kitchen
-Load the dishwasher
-Hand wash dishes that won't fit in the dishwasher
-Put Zoe to bed, read her 10 poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends
-Clear kitchen counters & get the debris off the floor
-Talk to mom on the phone about family craziness and Christmas
-Talk with Scott while picking living room
-Clear dining room table of junk
-Say goodnight to Scott
-Chill out for 90 minutes before going to bed.

Other than that, I didn't do much of anything.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Preparation H will reduce swelling around your eyes.  You know, 'shrinks swelling'?

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Alyssa... said...

Aw yeah we often read Shel Silverstein as a bedtime book, too! You've inspired me to do something like this myself one day. Since I also stay at home eating, eh, not bon-bons, but dark chocolate (which keeps disappearing even though I don't remember eating it).