Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes, it all works out

When I first heard the news story about the miners trapped in Chile, my thought was that we'd all get to watch them die on international television.  I fully expected the story to go away if  they were really going to get out.  

When I heard how long it was going to take to reach them I thought we'd only hear about them again if they went crazy down there.  I was prepared to be completely disgusted with the way the story was being presented and/or ignored for not being enough of a train wreck.

But the story didn't go away.  None of them died. And they didn't go crazy.

I was telling people yesterday how amazing the news coverage has been. It's been hopeful, optimistic and assuming that the miners will all get out.  All I've heard is how well they're doing and about the prayer vigils the families are having.  It was just recently I learned about some of the infighting between the families.  But that's not surprising the crazy stress and fear they were all living with.

And I've been able to laugh about the man whose wife AND mistress are waiting for him.  I've made jokes with a couple people that maybe he's just going to stay down there.  

It's been repeated that this rescue is precedent setting, there haven't been people trapped that far down before.  The team working to bring the miners home has engineered the technology as well as considered the psychological well being of the men underground.  Now that this plan has been developed it can be put into action should it ever be needed again, which I really hope it's not.

And they're being brought up today!  

People really are good, I think that's true.  There has been so much hard work by people who don't even know the men underground.  They just know there are 33 human beings trapped underground and they can't just be left there.

Book and movie offers have been made to the miners, making it pretty clear that these guys won't have to go underground again.

I'm sitting in front of the television crying and clapping each time a miner is brought to the surface.  As they step out I applaud and say "YAY!" because I do get that happy when such a cool thing happens.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  When you're looking for a new product, start with the least expensive.  More money doesn't need more quality.

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Kirsten said...

I kind of wanted to see the wife and mistress together when he came out. all of their reactions. Honestly....If done by the write director....I could see it being a good movie!