Sunday, August 3, 2014

My mom went all motivational speaker on my ass

My mom reads all my blog posts and will call me to talk about them.  After my last post, she gave me a jingle.

She gave me a pep talk via questions.  It went something like this:

"So, looks like you're feeling insecure about how you'll do in this new job.  yes."

"yeah, I am..."

"Well, Amanda, you were what?  Eighteen when you started selling new homes?  Then you were the youngest sales associate Lewis Homes had ever had.  You were sales associate of the year and you got nominated for a Laurel Award.  Remember that?"

"Yeah. ...."

"Then you went to Illinois and worked at the department store, got promoted and were one of the employees of the month.  You went to Barnes and Noble, did well there.  You were, what?, second in your class in culinary school?   You're doing very well where you are now.  I'm not exactly sure what you're so worried about."

"I had that real hard crash and burn when I took that baking job.  It's got my head messed up."

"Honey, I think you come by pessimism honestly.  Your Uncle Carl will tell you all the ways he's no good at being a human being.  But if you are basing your downward outlook on the fact that you were hired for a job you weren't qualified for, then asked to do the job of two people for a guy who was a jerk you need to just get over that."

Then we went on to talk about the kids and some other stuff.

Thanks mom.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you only break out during humid weather, add a drying agent like an acne cream only during the summer months. 

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