Wednesday, August 6, 2014

And a new chapter starts for our heroine day after tomorrow

Tomorrow, I'm hanging up my green apron for the last time.  I've been with Starbucks for 14 months and it's been ideal up until now.

When I applied, The Husband and I were in the thick of our difficulties and, as things stood, I was going to need to get my own health insurance.  The store was within walking distance of the house, the hours would allow me to pick the kids up from school and benefits were offered at 20 hours a week.

It was ideal at the time.  The company has been very good to me and it's been a great job for me.  I like my co-workers.  I like our regulars.  I've been able to interact with people and use my skills in customer service.

I'm going to miss my co-workers and my regulars.  I've been saying goodbye to our regulars and I'm now friends with some on Facebook.  (What on this great, green earth would I do without Facebook?)  Many have told me they're proud of me and all have said they'll miss me.

I've spent 2 days in my new position, going in on my days off from slinging coffee.  My superiors know exactly how much experience I have.  They're aware that this is my first position in a commercial kitchen.  However, I know my way around one.  I know what terms mean and I know about all the equipment.  I have my food handler's permit, which means I took a class about all the ways food can kill you. As a matter of face, my first 10 days of culinary school were dedicated to the ways food can kill you.

I don't get to cook anything yet.  I'm doing straight prep work and helping serve at lunch.  The Korean station accounts for 20% of the cafe's revenue.  Inside of 2 hours, we serve over 200 people.  The line stretches past our counter, in front of the cases of bottled drinks and around the corner.  I keep my head down and fill one bowl of soup at a time.  One at a time. One at a time. 

One of the things I'm doing is taking some feedback I got from my manager at Starbucks and applying it.  She pointed out that I need to trust that I know what I'm doing and not ask questions when I already know the answers.  I'm also acting proactively.  During service, if I see we need a new tray of anything, I get it.  If we need more rice bowls, I get them.  When I get to the last stack of soup bowls, I say I need more. 

I'm getting used to the people I'm working for, learning what their personalities are and  what their style of feedback is going to be like.

I already know that I'll need to work on my speed in everything I do.   My direct supervisor and the executive chef are checking on me regularly, asking if I'm comfortable and if I have any questions.  

The sheer physical strength I'll be developing is somewhat worrisome, but that will get easier as time goes on.  I'm already building up the muscles right underneath my shoulder blades.  Although I've dropped 3 pounds in the last month, I'm taking a break from the diet thing while I get settled into my new routine and figure out how hungry I'll be. 

I'm excited to start full time, looking forward to what I'm going to learn and, I'll freely admit, my income increasing.

I have an idea of how I'd like my new morning routine to go.  I'll try it out on Friday and see how it works.

Stay tuned!  Updates at events warrant!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day: There is nothing you can put on your hair to repair split ends.  You're going to have to just get them snipped off.

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