Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hip Housewife cannot be disturbed!

She's having a big pity party and cannot come out!

She's playing the comparison game, which is taking a great deal of her energy and should not be communicated with!

She is currently consumed by self-indulgent thoughts of turning forty and not being the best at anything.  This wallowing in a conviction that everyone around her is better than she is at various things makes quite a mess on the carpet so individuals should really just stay out of the room.

She's wandering around with "Nobody-loves-me-everybody-hates-me-I-think-I'll-go-eat-worms" appetizers hanging out of her mouth like spaghetti and it's pretty gross.  You reeeeeaaallly don't want to see it.

She's looking in the mirror practicing looking like Medusa and no one should be around if she should succeed suddenly.  No one wants to spend the rest of their life as a rock.

She's going to be spending time staring out her back door at the backyard she calls  "the Death Trap" and thinking how embarrassing it is to have people see it, so just stay away and save her from that.

Hopefully, this shindig won't be going on much longer and she'll be back to looking at the world through Lucille Ball's glasses.

Or maybe it's just hormones.

Either way, it's a good idea to just leave her alone for right now.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Wash your face  (she says in the low monotone of the most depressed goth kid you every knew in high school)


Alyssa... said...

"not being the best at anything." My dilemma exactly.

Cyndee said...

Ooosh! The Blue Meanies.

MaxtonsMom said...

Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day