Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And we have arrived!!!

The Hip Family made it to the state of California!  I could not have asked the kids to be any better.  Zoe was very nervous on take off and landing, but that's not unusual for lots of flyers.  She was fine during the cruising time, playing with her new paper dolls and drinking her beverage.  Will clutched my skirt and his sister's hand during landings but was happy as a clam for the rest of the flight.  He'd get his backpack in and out, demand I share my snacks, color, take his shoes on and off and announce things he saw out the window.

It was very different for me to have the kids with me.  Once I was done holding their hands, getting their drinks requested, opening their snacks and generally getting them situated there wasn't much time before we were descending and it was time to hold hands again.

The break in Phoenix was perfect.  We had an hour to walk around and have lunch before we boarded again for California.

My dad picked us up at the airport and the grandparent visit had begun!  They arrived at my parent's house and found new cups with the cooler thingies that keep the drink cold and a bulldog puppy named Truman to play with.

I'm currently sitting in my parent's kitchen talking to my mom about the cruise they're going to take from Budapest to Passau, Germany this December.  The plan was to take the kids swimming, but Zoe told my dad that Will needs a floatie and they don't have any pool toys so they are now going to Target for supplies.

In our flapping about at the airport getting luggage out of the car and saying goodbye I forgot to yank the booster seat out of the car, so one of those had to be procured too.

They're heading out the door, we'll see how much the kids are able to talk him into buying.  A Uhaul may be needed.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  You don't need a special product to exfoliate your lips, a washcloth will work as will baking soda.

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