Saturday, June 11, 2011

After another long delay!

Here's an update on the Hip Housewife's bod.

A while back I told y'all about the exercise/detox plan I was doing.  Well, I'm done with the detox part but I'm continuing to eat healthy.  I'm still exercising 4-6 times a week and drinking lots of water. 

And the results so far are that I've lost 8 pounds and two dress sizes and everything is generally firmer.  I made myself a dress and had to take it in quite a bit, it was floating around on me.

I'm excited about this I am somewhat embarrassed to say.  I've also learned that part of why I'm having such good results is my desire to have my trainer be proud of me.  Scott was not at all surprised to hear that I wanted some outside validation of the work I'm doing.  It didn't surprise him that I needed to go to someone and say 'Oooo!  Look!' while I make muscles with my arms so they can tell me that I look great.

It's one of the reasons I'll do well in school, that craving I have for positive feedback and wanting the instructors to give me pats on the head.  It also embarrasses me to say this. 

Hi!  I'm a forty year old woman who needs a lot of positive feedback in order to feel validated!  How do people get to the place where they can give themselves pats on the head and gold stars? 

I'm sure I'm not going to get there today since we have a birthday party to go to and I have a sitting job tonight.  I should go get dressed.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:   With the added shaving you'll be doing be sure to use lotion on your legs every day. 

We've got a busy Saturday in front of us involving

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Dru said...

Congratulations! You set yourself a challenging goal; it's OK to be proud of the progress you're making on it and to want others to recognize that progress!