Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's been a crazy kind of week.  Good crazy, not strange-laughing-talking-to-the-houseplants crazy.

First, I've been running around completing the last of my paperwork for culinary school.  Second, I've been selling items on ebay for other people and keeping a cut of the sales price.  This has been taking up a bunch of my time.  The most work intensive is taking the photos and the actual listing of the things.  Then it's babysitting until the sales are complete and then there's another flurry of packing and shipping.

It's been challenging making all my other household chores fit into my schedule. 

This weekend we headed off to the Austin traditional spring event Eeyore's Birthday.  It's just a big picnic, hippie gathering with a drum circle that helps keep Austin weird.  It's changed a lot over the years, the artists selling their wares have gone and beer and food have come in, but I still like it.  We met up with some friends and spread our blankets out together to watch the kids run around and watch the parade of everyone in their costumes.  At Eeyore's costumes are encouraged, hula hoops are brought, hackey sacks are kicked around, breasts are freed to the air.  That last one doesn't really happen until close to three in the afternoon. 

There's also a big drum circle that forms.  And this year, we somehow ended up in the middle of it instead of next to it like we usually are.  It made for a very different experience, different in a good way.  Zoe made friends with a woman close to us who let Zoe play her drum while our new friend went and danced.  We found out that the people who are drumming are very conscientious of where they are in relation to where you are, polite about keeping at least a little cushion of space between them and you and cautious of children.  It was really fun being in the middle of it all, grooving along and watching our kids play along and dance. 

Since we have children with us, we have to leave in the mid-afternoon because the potential for things getting crazy gets higher as the afternoon goes on.  And because we all get tired. 

You can check out the website here:

This week, trying to wade through the knee deep pile of crap carpeting my home.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you have gotten sunburned, aloe is the best!  Stay away from Noxema because the menthol can make the stinging worse.

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