Friday, May 20, 2011

Once again, the Hip Housewife spews her opinion

I'm not a regular viewer of The View.  I like Whoopi but, the show just isn't my cup of tea.  However, I must admit that I agree with Sherri Shepherd when she says "This is the dumbest ass momma I've ever seen in my life!" 

Who is she talking about?  Allow me to explain!

Not that long ago,  a woman appeared on Good Morning America (our morning news program of choice) stating that she had injected her 8 year old daughter with Botox in order to make wrinkles in said daughter's face smooth out in order to give her an advantage in pageants. 

I think all pageant moms are a little crazy. Anyone who puts their under 12 year old daughter in a petticoat skirt that barely covers her ass, a crop top with a padded bra and over the knee socks then says "I don't think what they wear is sexy."  needs a smack in their heavily made up face.

But this took the imaginary cake.  You injected BOTOX in your DAUGHTER'S face?  Yourself.  At home. Oh. My. Fucking. God. 

Are you aware that Botox is only approved for use in the area of the higher section of the forehead?  Not your lips, not your cheeks, just your forehead.  This woman says she pumped the stuff into the sides of her child's face.  She says that other pageant moms suggested it to her.  Well, damn that makes it all okay! 

My first reaction was:  Why would you go on national television and tell the world about it? 

But this is a pageant mom, which makes her crazy.  And totally unapologetic.  She doesn't see anything wrong with it because she's had Botox herself and it's safe. 

Then, Child Protective Services removed the daughter from her home.  Well, duh!  What'd you think was gonna happen?  CPS said the girl was doing well. 

Today, the mom went on, get this,  You know?  The gossip site?  The one that keeps us up to date on Lindsey Lohan's court cases and keeps the paparazzi employed? 

She went on this online gossip rag to say that she made the whole thing up because a UK paper paid her $200.  She's never had Botox herself.  As a matter of fact, she doesn't even know what Botox is.  She just held up a plastic syringe to her daughter's face.  Her child had a horrible look on her face and then continued to look miserable while holding an ice pack to her face.

Her daughter has been examined by a doctor who says it's impossible to tell if she received Botox as it's been over 90 days since the mother says the last injections were given.  The effects have worn off and there is no blood test to determine if she's ever had Botox.  

At best, this woman is stupid.  At worst, she's a con artist who thinks she can get a bunch of money out of the news outlets.  I'm wondering how much TMZ paid her to post her video statement.   Either way, she's right up there with the woman who stood on her porch and screamed "Because it rubs their ass raw to see those pictures of her dead daughter up on that page!"

As Sherri said "This is the dumbest ass momma I've ever seen in my life!"  I think that sums it up well. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you are considering Botox, make sure you go to a licensed doctor who is a real cosmetic surgeon, not an OB/GYN who performs cosmetic surgery.  Good surgeons don't advertise.  And remember, it's only approved for your forehead!

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