Friday, May 13, 2011

That was fun

We got a lot of rain here in Texas yesterday.  It also happened to be a day I had to run around and get a bunch of stuff done.  Including going to the bank.  I like my bank.  They have snacks in the lobby.

I was in the bank when there was a huge clap of thunder,  a massive flash of light outside and all the lights went out.  Lightning had struck an electrical pole outside, knocking out the power.  When the power goes out at a bank, all the doors lock.

I was locked in with the staff, who all rushed out into the lobby to see what was going on. 

As we're standing there looking out at the rain one of the women blurts out "If there's a tornado I'm going in the vault!" 

Then one of the men says "Well, I just made popcorn so we won't have to eat each other."  After we'd all joked around a  little while the teller helping me found a pool of light where I could fill out my forms. 

And we waited about another five minutes for the power to come back on.  Once it did it was another few minutes for everyone's computer to power up before I completed my transaction.

By then it was pouring buckets of rain.  And I had no umbrella. Oh well.  I went out into the rain to hold my arms out and spin around as I went to the car so I could drive home and change my wet clothes.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  You can't really tell if a foundation really matches your skin tone unless you check it in natural light.

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