Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow, that works

About ten years ago, Scott was at work on Valentine's Day when one of his co-workers poked his head into Scott's office to ask if Scott had gotten a ticket to the pro wrestling event that night.  Apparently, they were being given to employees as a bonus for being awesome. 

Scott said he wouldn't go anyway because it was Valentine's Day and I'm told the following conversation happened, this isn't word for word but it captures the communication.

Scott:  Are you gonna go?

Friend:  Yeah.

Scott:  You got a ticket for Christine too?

F:  No, I could only get one.

S:  You're not going to go to wresting on Valentine's Day are you?

F:  She said it was okay.

S:  Dude, you didn't call and ask her did you?

F:  Well...... yeah.

S:  Yeah, she said it was okay, but she wants you to come home and spend Valentine's Day with her.

F:  Then why didn't she say that?

S:  Because she wants you to stay home because you want to, not because she told you to.

F:  That makes no sense.

S:  I know, but if they have to tell you it doesn't count.  If she TELLS you to stay home instead, she's being a controlling bitch. 

F:  But I want to do what she wants, I'd go home if she asked me to, I wouldn't think she was a bitch.  How can I do what she wants me to if she doesn't tell me? 

S:  I know, it doesn't make sense but that's how it is.

F:  So she wants me to come home but she won't say so? 

S:  Right.  Go get a bag of M&Ms and tell her you decided to come home.  I know, it makes my head hurt. 

I will confess to holding onto the attitude that if I have to tell Scott to do something nice or romantic for me, it doesn't mean as much.  I don't want him to be nice to me because I tell him to, I want him to have the idea on his own. 

Then, there is his side of the argument that he wants to do what I want if that will make me happy, but he doesn't know what that is unless I tell him. 

But if I tell him, he's only doing it because I told him to, I might as well buy myself a box of candy and sign his name to it.  What fun is that?  It makes a girl upset causing her to eat all the candy in the box while watching a romantic film where the heroine ends up living on a vineyard in France with Kevin Klein, this makes her cry about how much her life sucks.  And the resulting sugar high will give her the energy to pick a fight with the man who loves her and was just waiting for instructions.  It's a bad scene all around. 

This year, I tried something different.  I emailed him the link to the el cheap-0 special ProFlowers was having for Valentines Day. 

And yesterday flowers appeared on my doorstep!  And I was excited and touched!  Who knew? 

I'll need to try that again soon.  I don't know why I'm surprised, my mom has done this to great success for years. 

Let's see, my birthday is next,  I should start thinking about what I want for my birthday now. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Put some of your favorite perfume on a handkerchief and tuck it into your lingerie drawer to make your dainties smell wonderful. 

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smallship1 said...

A couple of generalisations occur to me:
Women (and some men) believe that a relationship involves a certain amount of empathy, that if you live with someone and get to know them over time you come to understand how they feel and anticipate their needs and desires. They do this all the time, sometimes without even thinking about it.
Men (most men) believe that a relationship involves having someone else to do the dishes.

Really, not going to wrestling on your own on Valentine's Day is such a no-brainer that even I can see it, and Scott's explanation makes perfect sense to me.

Sorry I don't comment so much since you moved out of LJ, but I am still here...