Saturday, February 12, 2011

A delayed update as to the Hip Housewife's prior emotional distress

Since I blogged at ya last, I had a couple of very good conversations.  One, with my excellent friend Amanda and another with a woman who knew the person in question at the same time as I did.

The Divine Miss H and I were in theater with the Facebook meanie at the same time and she knew exactly who I was talking about.  She emailed me right away to be sure her suspicions were correct and, oh, what a snark we had!  It was very beneath us, but we squatted down and chattered at each other about her and others that we thought were awful. 

It felt so wonderful to have someone say "Oh, yeah.  No you're not wrong, they're horrid.  I think that school they both went to makes them crazy, well, crazy-er since they were crazy to start with.  And what was up with his girlfriend? Did you know I knew her in high school?"  knew exactly who and what I was talking about.  Cathartic.

My friend Amanda and I get together regularly during the week for a break from the stay-at-home-mom track we're both on.  I walked into her house on Wednesday and one of the first things she said to me was "So, you know that person is wack-o right?". 

Then she asked me how many people have I known who really lived an authentic life who tell everyone about it.  Which is very true, individuals I know who are living a true life, either don't say anything about it or say they're trying, it's a work in progress, they are always looking for the next lesson.  Because living an authentic life is about rediscovering the truth of right now, to stay in one place is to be stagnant and stagnant water grows gross stuff in it.  

And if, the lady in question is still upset about something that happened in 1993, exactly how much growth could there have been?  At least in this particular area?  Again, if her life is authentic and toxic-free, why respond to someone/thing that would invite toxicity into your life?  

 Holy new age thinking Batgirl!   

Then I think we talked about spaghetti squash. 

Why did I make the decision to hang onto this particular cyber-incident?  What benefit do I get from my clinging?  I dunno.  I haven't figured that out yet.  That answer will come to me in time.

But today?  Today I have a Zumba class and Girl Scout cookies to sell with Zoe, laundry to attempt to catch up on and my face to wash.  I have to focus on everyday things at this moment. 

First?  Harvest my farm in Farmville!  One needs their priorities. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  (Taken from the website Learn From My Fail)  Ladies, when you are bleaching your hair with lemon juice, the carpet does not need to match the drapes. Ever.

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Jenny said...

Anyone who has to make it a point to tell people how authentic their lives are, or any other such bs, are themselves full of bs. I also hate it when people say they are "complex" people. How far up in my head can I roll my eyes?