Monday, February 14, 2011

And arty-fartsy post about listening to my artistic voice. Don't worry, it's not long

A friend of mine commissioned a painting from me.  This made me super-duper excited.  She asked me to paint something that shows the growth she's made in the last year, which is considerable, in whatever vision I have.

I started the project in the worst state of mind.  I was thinking about what she would like, what she might want, what she was expecting, oh no!  that might offend her boyfriend! And that wasn't working.  I scrapped the first canvas and started over. 

After really struggling with what I wanted to do, I was on the brink of gessoing over the canvases and starting a third time when  I finally asked myself  "What if a mutual friend said 'Why don't you paint a picture of how much she's been through in the last year?'"  and I started again.

With that mind set, the paint flowed and the image was able to talk to me.  I used a symbolism I saw when I was reading her story unfold via emails she sent to a group of us.  And I used symbolic images I find in my own life.

Once I had it as close to done as I could get it, I let it sit in my living room so I could contemplate if anything needed to be changed.  Nope, if I added to it, I would be forcing it and that would ruin what I had. 

I'm sending it off to her today with hopes she'll love it.  I've gotten to a place where I hang my paintings in my house and can say "Ah, I like to do it.  I may be a terrible painter, but I don't care!  It works for me."  But creating something for someone about that deep a subject?  This is scary, which means it's good for me to do it.

Will and I are going to the post office now. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If yiou are having issues with your skin and you have a product that works for you, regardless of what the reviews say.  I use Oxy cleansing pads when my skin breaks out even though reviews say it's drying and irritating for my skin.  It works for me, so I use them.

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