Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, that's just mean!

The above is a video by a 13 year old girl named Rebecca Black. She is involved with an independent record label/production company called Ark Music Factory, an organization that assists what they call independent artists put together their marketing package.  This is done for a fee obviously, but that's okay.  If a parent thinks their child has talent and want to try and turn them into the next Little Stevie Wonder/Osmond of your choice/Debbie Gibson/Tiffany/Brittney Spears/Justin Bieber that's their prerogative.  Ark Music Factory is one of the places they can seek assistance.

The video featuring Rebecca has gone viral and is being called 'The Worst Song Ever'.  Well, it's certainly not the best song, but I think the worst song is something of an exaggeration.  Yes, there are sections where the lyrics are just lame and I think they over auto-tuned, but the worst?  Ah, no.  I think there are a couple songs on the 1986 Pseudo Echo album that could easily be in the running for that title.

As all viral videos are subject to, there are a lot of comments on the various places the video has been posted.   Comments including "I hope you cut yourself and die."  "You should get an eating disorder so you'll be pretty"  "If anyone should cut, it should be you."  "Wow, this really sucks."

The singer is 13!  THIRTEEN!  She didn't write it, she didn't produce it, she didn't mix it, all she did was sing it and then lip-sync for the video.  Shooting her hurtful comments about how she's ugly and untalented is just mean.  She's a kid.  Lay the fuck off.

And here's the irony, the way I found out about her was the Good Morning America segment about her and specifically about the hurtful attacks targeted at her.

There are 15 million views of her video on Youtube and multiple parodies and covers of the song.

As of 10:25 a.m. U.S. central time, she is number 31 on itunes.

Is she making any money from this?  I dunno.  Did Ark Music Factory work their contacts to promote the video, sending it out to the right people to make her as exposed as possible or is it just one of those goofy things?  Again, I dunno.

And, my daughter loves the song.

The meanies and keyboard bullies (the worst kind in my opinion because, well, just because) actually created her, probably temporary, success.

And I love that chain of events.  Take that meanies!

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Humid weather will make curled straight hair wilt.  Save yourself some stress and go with a straight style that day.

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