Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Envisage 365 online art project is having a giveaway!

I've been contributing to an online art project called Envisage 365 since it's inception in 2008.  This blog was a place for me to post photos during the time I was trying to recover from my breakdown in 2009.  I received endless support from the other women participants and it made me feel not so alone in the world.

Sarah, the owner, has gone through her own challenges to come out the other side in a much improved situation where she's happy, in love and glad to be alive. 

Earlier this week, she tried to enter a giveaway from an Etsy store where she purchased a beautiful embroidered camera strap.  The giveaway contest called for photos of people using their camera strap. Sarah's photo can be seen here:

For those of you who cannot click over, it's a picture of Sarah with the strap over her mouth and the caption Taken this morning after discovering that my Daughter had stolen a very sentimental and cherished ring from my Stepfather.This photo represents that Silence surrounding our Mental Illness and struggles withDepression was never acceptable and will be tolerated no longer.
I will help her.”

The store owner refused to post it in the contest, blocked Sarah from her store and eventually dismantled her store and re-opened it so she could stop dealing with Sarah's questions about the fact that there were no restrictions listed, asking for any kind of explanation as to how the owner found it provocative, etc.

Anyway,  Sarah is having a giveaway of her own.  The prize is a large Mason Jar of Homemade Body Wash in your choice of Scent, a small mason Jar of Homemade Sugar Scrub in your choice of Scent, Homemade Lip Balm your choice of Flavor in a Vintage Avon Solid Perfume Jar and a Knitted Scarf in Noro Kureyon yarn.

The subject?  A sexy self-portrait, open to all interpretations.  Chaste, naked, dressed, by yourself, with someone, the subject is up to you!  It's open to anyone over the age of 18 and the panel is placing emphasis on creativity. 

I'm already percolating ideas.  If you want in on this action go to to read the rules and regs (or lack of) and see if you'd like to try for the prize package.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you have to treat your hair for lice (oh, just don't go there about that situation) you'll need to do a deep condition once it's completed.  You must trust me on this one.  (hey!  I said don't go there!)

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