Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mortification and attempting to make amends

The Husband and I had a very difficult conversation last night.  He broke some confidences and told me some very, very hard truths about myself.  It wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience for me.

However,  some of my behavior was brought to my attention which I am now embarrassed and regretful about.

I'm taking this opportunity to apologize to anyone out there that I have hurt, offended, caused to make a face, etc.  If you're one of them, please please get in touch with me so I can try to make things better one on one.

I'm also taking this opportunity to bow out of anyone's life who would find keeping me in it uncomfortable.   It's breaking my heart, but it's my own fault and I need to deal with that.

I understand that I've probably burned some bridges and that kind of elemental destruction isn't something I can undo.

If anyone has anything that they feel the need to say to me, go ahead and say it.  I'm not saying that defensively, I'm saying it matter-of-factly.

No beauty or household tips today.  Things are a little intense right now.

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Anonymous said...

I am very glad you're in my life and I would like you to continue to be in it. As long as you don't mind having me in yours.