Monday, July 25, 2011

Okay, so July blogging was a wash

Yep, July was crazy packed with activity away from home and I didn't even attempt to keep up.

Today, I will attempt to share one contemplation I had while on the west coast.

My parents generously gifted the kids and me with a three day trip to Disneyland.  I think it was the best three days of Zoe's life so far.  Will got to meet a bunch of characters and has an autograph book full of signatures, some two or three times.

I have a lot of associations with Disneyland.  Growing up in Southern California, about 30 minutes from the park we visited at least once a year.  Then there was the school trip that happened as we drew closer to summer vacation.  Someone always got sick on the bus ride back.  These ended once I was in high school.

Grad Night, the school organized outing after the graduation ceremony was set up at Disneyland, where you could meet a bunch of boys from other schools, every year but the year I graduated.  That year we went on a boat ride around San Pedro harbor all night, which was boring.

My grandmother's house was positioned so that I could stand at the end of their driveway and watch the fireworks exploding over the park in the summertime.

Scott and I had annual passes for years along with a bunch of friends.  Being before kids it was easy to call and say "Let's go meet at the park." An hour later we'd be walking up Main Street having coffee on our way to the restaurant across from the Haunted Mansion that used to serve popcorn shrimp.  One day Scott and I went during the week and didn't go on one ride.  We wandered in and out of every store and went into every attraction on Main Street, watching the penny picture flip machines and checking out the  theatre that shows continuous vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons.

And all of my memories are good.  My parents will tell you that my first trip to D-land didn't start out well.  I went on the Snow White ride first and freaked out, came out screaming and crying.  Then they tried the Storybook boat ride but going through Monstro's mouth also freaked me out and I tried to jump out of the boat.  Then they tried the carousel and that was much better.  In those photos I'm smiling.

While we were there my folks took the kids back to the hotel at bedtime and I hung out at the park by myself.  I watched Fantasmic, went on my favorite rides which are too scary for the kids.  I got a coffee, took some pictures and made a wish at the wishing well.

Every wish I've ever made at the Snow White wishing well has come true.  I'm not exaggerating.  And, my friend Becky in high school followed my instructions, wishing for a boyfriend.  Later that night, we met some guys in line for something.  She ended up making out with one on It's a Small World and he gave her his necklace before we left.  See?  It works.

Here's how you do it.  Wait until the fish come up, then turn your back, hold your quarter, make your wish and toss it over your shoulder into the water, don't look back to see where it landed and don't tell anyone until it comes true.

I'm going to back in the swing this week, but I've got to get all this dog hair vacuumed up first.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  When you are going to be out and about during the summer time, don't forget to put sunscreen on your chest.

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