Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey, cut that out!

This is my parent's bulldog puppy, Truman.  He's six months old and cute as can be. My children love him.  He's not going to be a show dog because, I've been told, he has no spread of rib.  Bulldogs are supposed to be barrel-chested with turned in shoulders and narrower hips.  Somewhat like the v-shape body builders work to achieve.  Truman's ribs aren't popped out like they should be for the breed standard, so he's going to live in the lap of luxury with my folks.   (When I'm reincarnated, I want to come back as one of my mom's pets.)

There are many tasks that have to be completed to keep things safe from Truman because he chews on things.  He chewed on the textured wallpaper.  He chews on shoes and shoe laces, usually while you have the shoes on your feet.   He chews on toys.  He chews on furniture legs.  He chews on the dishwasher rack when I'm trying to put dishes into it.  There are a couple of metal dumbells holding down an umbrella stand on the patio and he tries to chew them.  He chews on plants.  The closet doors have to be kept closed because he will chew on the bottoms of the hanging clothes.  I was laying on the couch looking at a book.  The book was hanging over the edge of the couch and he chewed on the pages.  He'll chew on your knuckles.  Or your arm. Or your legs. 

When he's not trying to chew things he tries to eat things.  He tried to eat a bottle cap.  There was a plastic bag that fell on the floor for a few seconds but in those few seconds he tried to eat it. There was a little bit of the top of a chip bag that he tried to eat.  He tries to eat the kids smaller toys.  If there's any little piece of paper or plastic on the floor, he tries to eat it.  I understand he ate some sidewalk chalk and had some colorful eliminations for a couple of days. 

He also likes to poo in inappropriate places, like on the living room rugs.  There is a portable fence around the living room furniture because he poops there.  He'll poop outside but only when there are no indoor rugs available.

But he's cute and affectionate and loves the kids. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you step in dog poo in your favorite shoes, wearing gloves, first scrape off as much as you can then,  carefully, clean the soles with a rag you are willing to throw away so as not to stain the uppers. 

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