Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something about The Hip Housewife's preferred entertainment

The Hip Housewife is somewhat weary from preparing for her Hip Parents, the good and fun but busy visit and the Hip Son's fifth birthday.  Since film is a big topic of discussion between the HH and her HP, she's going to talk about her fave movies and one she's very much looking forward to.

 The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I really like the writer of this film, Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote Being John Malkovitch.  This particular movie makes a great statement about how who a person is is made up of their memories.  Eliminating what you remember changes who you are and your potential for happiness.  It also says a lot about fate and how sometimes, it seems that the decisions for our lives are completely out of our hands. 

 Say.....Anything  I saw this movie in the theater at least three times.  I had and still have a thing for John Cusak, which made this movie a must see for me.  I really enjoy how both Diane and Lloyd show great determination to make their lives their own and have what they want.  And, I will admit, the whole holding-the-radio-up-outside-the-window stalker style made my heart flutter. 

Payback  I like a good action movie and, wow, this is a good one.  There are zero good guys in this movie and the heroine is a hooker.  Lots of guns, explosions and stupid corrupt police officers.  That's really all you need to know. 

 Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2  I also love a good, campy horror movie. The Eighties were THE decade for these gems.  This one is tops!  A slutty, undead Prom Queen who is out for revenge!  Seriously, could anything be any better?  MAYBE, Friday the 13th Part VII, but I doubt Jason would come out on top. 

 Star Trek (2009) I am not a Trekkie.  I get the jokes but I am certainly not a hardcore fan.  I went to see this movie because Scott wanted to see it. He never wants to see movies and I have to jump on the opportunities to go to the Alamo Drafthouse with him.  We left the theatre with me saying "Let's go see it again RIGHT NOW."  I loved this movie.  It was quick paced, had great character development and a enough of a balance between comedy and drama.  The special effects were impressive and the acting was good. 

On that note, the movie I am most looking forward to this year is Cowboys vs. Aliens.  Like the movie Snakes on a Plane, all you need to know is in the title.  The movie is going to feature Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, a bonus that.   Quality will have no bearing on the enjoyment potential of this movie, if it's bad, that will actually make the experience better!  There is no way to go wrong, Scott and I will love this flick no matter what.  We've got our popcorn ready. 

Watch the trailer here: Take a gander!  and see if you agree with me.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you take a hot bath, make sure to apply lotion afterward as the heat will dry your skin.

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