Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm going to spew my opinion

So, once again Planned Parenthood is facing being defunded by the government.  There are conservative lawmakers that don't like Planned Parenthood and want to stop them from receiving reimbursement funds from treated women using Medicaid.

Why don't they like Planned Parenthood?  They say it's abortion services.  They dismiss the fact that PP offers a LOT more than pregnancy termination.

Planned Parenthood is an easy target to make an example out of for a pro-life politician looking to move up.  And they don't have to feel bad about denying access to health services to anyone because the women they're impacting are women who have sex.

Women who aren't married who are going to have sex with multiple partners.  Women who are married but don't want to have babies.  Young women who aren't going to tell their moms.  Women who want to have sex and want to stay healthy while having sex go to Planned Parenthood.

These women aren't deserving of easy access to anyone who can help them control their reproductive cycle and keep them healthy.  Women who have sex should be ashamed.  Ashamed and humiliated and accept the title of "whore" and "slut" and slap a red letter "A" on their blouses so everyone can see what a harlot they have become.

The underlying tone of these proceedings is that women should not need birth control or abortion, they should keep their legs closed until marriage and then have as many babies as God chooses to give them.  (Ironically, Planned Parenthood is happy to help you with prenatal care to make sure you have a healthy baby.)  Planned Parenthood is encouraging women to have sex and have it without getting pregnant.

Any misogynist would go after Planned Parenthood with a vengeance.  Because women aren't supposed to actually HAVE sex.  Women have been sexualized for centuries.  What we're seeing now is the craziness that is starting to get attention.

Young women and girls in schools are being told that their bodies are distracting to boys so they need to cover up.

The message is essentially this:  The boys are distracted by your tits.  And it's your fault because you're the one with tits.  If you didn't have them we wouldn't have this problem so you need to cover up. No, we're not going to tell him to learn to focus and have respect, he's not the one with tits.

We live in a culture where when a woman is raped, she's told it's her fault.  Was she drunk? Why did she go to his room?  Why did she drink so much?  Why did she go home with him if she didn't want to have sex?  Wasn't she sending a mixed message?

When Charlie Sheen had the police called on him by an adult film actress as he'd shoved her around and thrown her stuff all over the room, the question everyone asked her was if she was there to trade sex for money.  If she was, then that was a business transaction and he still was in the wrong to shove her around.  She and her attorney were interviewed by George Stephanopolous on Good Morning America.  He pressed the issue saying "Because if she was it says something about your client."  In other words:  Your client is a dirty whore who had it coming.  

It's goes even deeper than that.  When girls as young as 12 are arrested for prostitution in certain states, they are not taken into the foster care system where they can get off the streets. They're processed like any other woman selling herself and is tossed back out for her pimp to pick up. Even a CHILD who takes money for sex, which cannot possibly be her choice, is seen as a nasty whore.

I recently read a book about a string of prostitute murders on Long Island in the last 5 years.  Nobody really cared because these women took money in exchange for sex.  Women who take money for sex are disposable.  They're raped and killed and tossed along the sides of the road like trash, because that's how they're seen, as trash. 

How many child molesters are given probation on a first offense?  Of course, it's the first reported offense, not the first first offense.

It's a general disrespect and, frankly, disgust for women that is held by a chunk of society.  And women do it too.  Women have GOT to stop calling each other 'slut' and 'whore', it just hurts all of us.

Sorry if this didn't make much sense.  I'm kinda pissed. 

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