Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two weeks later, life is not great

I'm really depressed.  Work isn't improving.  If anything, I'm doing worse.  This week, a new line cook was hired and I found out later that she was hired to come over and help me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the help, but my superiors were sneaky about it.  I got that word from the woman who's helping me out.  I also overheard a conversation between her and the head chef about what I was saying, what I was doing and how I'd responded to things he'd asked be done.

This is making me think that not only does my boss not have my back, I need to be actively watching it.  Let's toss in the fact that he doesn't talk to me.  Unless it's totally neccessarry, we don't speak.  I'm working with the woman helping me on Friday and she asked me what the chef had told me about something.

"Oh, he doesn't talk to me."  I answered.

"Well......that's odd."  she said.

"Unless he has to, he doesn't speak to me.  When he comes up to the table, he'll talk to you but he won't talk to me."    And that's just what happened.

I'm now doubting my ability to do anything.  Manage time or produce anything appetizing may not be what I can do.  It's making me feel like ditching it and going back to slinging books at Barnes and Noble or going back to Starbucks where at least I know what I'm doing. 

In addition, my relationship with The Husband is back on shaky ground.  There are days we don't talk to each other and days we get along fine.  It depends on the day and how he's feeling about me at that time.

As I said, life is not great right now. 

That's all.

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Linda Kotek said...

Look up. I believe all things in life happen for a reason. You have learned a lot from each job. That is what I tell me daughter. She agreed. She was in the food industry for 10 years before I helped her get a job with the state government. But the skills she learned from working with all kinds of people helped her get the job.

Last night, my son and I ate at our favorite Torchy's on Burnet road. It was our favorite because that location consistently provided awesome food. That was until last night when the Baja shrimp taco came out too salty to eat and their famous habanero sauce was off. We were very disappointed. As we were leaving I noticed that they are hiring. I told my son I would give anything to work in the kitchen just so that I could learn all the recipes. I am retired and I would so do that just to learn to cook their tacos.

I remember the first Schlotzskie's restaurant on Congress in 1971. I craved that sandwich and lived right around the corner from it. The sandwich was so huge that my sister and I would share one. I would tell the owners they would be rich one day and they just laughed. Well I feel that way now about Torchy's. But consistency is key. If the cooks don't keep it consistent, they will fail. I don't know what they pay, but to learn their recipes would be a huge bonus and something I could bring to my home culinary style. But I predict that Torchy's if managed properly, will be hugely successful. They are hiring cooks. Hang in their.