Thursday, September 25, 2014

The haunted storage room at work. Well, not really

On Tuesday, I went into the dry storage room to get something and just as I walked in I heard this voice.

 It was whispery, thin, slow and, frankly, ghostly saying 'hhheeeeellllpppp'.

I froze in place and listened while thinking "What the hell was that?"

Then I heard it again "hhhhhheeeeeeeeellllp".

Maria, one of the cashiers walked in and I put my finger to my lips going 'Shhhhh!', like a crazy person.


"Did you hear that?"  I asked her.

"Yeah.  I did.  What is that?"

I stood there for another second, wondering if one of the maintenance guys was yelling it down one of the air vents. 


What the hell? 

We both started to walk around trying to track it down. 

Finally, we found one of our co-worker's phones on the shelf behind some dried beans.

It was his ringtone. 

"hhhhheeeeellllpp" in a whispery, thin, ghosty voice is his ringtone.

Scared the shit out of me for about 45 seconds. 

I made the mistake of telling him this and now whenever he's behind me at work he says "hhhheeelllllpppp".

Amanda's household hint of the day:  If you have a pan with baked on gunk all over it, put a sheet of fabric softener in it with water overnight.  Should soften it up.

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