Sunday, December 11, 2011

Looks like I'm going twice a month here

It was pointed out to me by my mother just before she left for a 3 week holiday in Germany that I never posted how I did on my crazy exam and how is she supposed to know what's happening to me if I don't update my blog?

Okay mom, here:  I got an A!  Go me!  I went 5 minutes over but I completed everything.

On to other things.

My son is having his tonsils out on Wednesday.  They've been enlarged for some time and as of right now, they're trying to touch each other, usually succeeding.  It's been causing him to wake up in the night and it makes him a picky eater because he can't swallow chunky stuff.

We did the same thing with his sister 3 years ago.  The procedure is out-patient and recovery is about 10 days.  We opted to have our son go in just before the winter break at school starts.  He'll miss the last three days, but those are generally light on the learning.  We don't have any family coming in to town.  We're not traveling.  It's really pretty ideal.  We'll set him up on the sofa with movies and popsicles and keep repeating the process until he's feeling better.  He should be feeling fit and fine in time for all the Christmas festivities, low-key though they will be.

Our daughter has voted for a local buffet restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner.  We're cool with that.  Honestly, I think she likes to slide the tray along.  I'm wholly supportive of practicing these small joys whenever possible.  I like to make pasta because I like to shake the pasta in the strainer.  There's just something about tossing it around that's pleasurable.

We've got something interesting going on this year.   Last year, Zoe and I had the Santa talk. You can read about that here.  However, she's back to the Santa thing this year, asking questions about how he gets down the chimney and how he makes it to all the kids in one night.  The owner of the bakery where I'm doing my extern hours assures me that this is normal, kids will go back to it for a year or so and then will accept it.

She pointed out that Santa and the Toothfairy are the two things they are expected to take on faith, but then are told they don't exist.  They will try and go back to recapture that before they decide they'll accept it. It's one of the first steps to adulthood, figuring out that this aren't always what they seem.  (up there with the "I thought he was a nice guy who liked me" statement that is the beginning of many stories of heartbreak)

I was incredibly lucky and got to believe in Santa until I was almost 12.  I remember those holiday mornings fondly, with great appreciation for how much fun it was.  I love doing it for my kids now.  The whole ritual is great fun for me.

The next thing to do is actually procure the stuff Santa will be leaving.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  The ELF zit zapper actually works quite well.

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Cyndee said...

Yes YAY you!!! You will have a wonderful holiday...