Monday, April 18, 2011

I've have GOT to get it together, but first Shut up Donald!

Donald Trump is talking about running for Prez next year. 

In 2000, he released a book in which he said he was for a single payer health care system, which is cool with me.  He also discussed that all tax payers pay a one-time 14% net worth tax that would wipe out the deficit.  Since the rich are the ones who would pay the most, that makes a great deal of sense.  Good thinkin' Don!

But, since The Don is looking to get in bed with the GOP he's changed his tune to appeal to the anti-Obama crowd.  He's now wanting to toss out the health care bill, won't raise taxes, as become an opponent of same-sex marriage because it "doesn't feel right" and has become pro-life in the recent past. 

He's also jumped onto the "Obama wasn't born here" bandwagon.

Jeeziz people!  Are we still harping in that?  If President Obama's father had been a white South African I doubt anyone would be having this conversation.  But, because his father had brown skin it must mean that the President isn't REALLY an American.  Because Americans don't have fathers who were goat herders in Africa. 

My generation is among the first to grow up in the post-civil rights United States.  I know we're still dealing the the fallout of integration and the fact that we elected a man of color into office less than sixty years after Martin Luther King and Malcolm X gave their impassioned speeches still fills me with pride. 

The blatant racism that has come to the forefront saddens me as much as the fact that a reality television star has a shot at running my country.

A reality television star who is going to essentially run on the slogan "Because I'm rich and I'm awesome" and is turning himself into what the conservatives want.  Sort of the way Priscilla changed herself for Elvis.

The Don's (current)  politics will continue to keep the rich rich and punish the poor for not trying hard enough, women for having sex and the elderly for being old. 

I foresee Mr. Trump supporting cutting corporate taxes, which won't make much difference since some of them don't pay taxes despite billions in profits.  Farming corporations will continue to be paid to do nothing.  Assistance to middle eastern countries will be given with the caveat that we will get their oil. 

And, of course, he'll talk a lot about how the man running the country is very likely not an American. Thanks Don, way to keep the fear going.

As I've said before, it's going to be a fun campaign!  Get the popcorn!

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