Friday, September 24, 2010

Why, thank you.

When Scott and I were in Las Vegas we went to the Penn and Teller show with our friends Scott and Lisa.  They were generous enough to treat us to tickets as an anniversary gift. 

I love Penn and Teller.  I've had a crush on Penn Jillette for years.  He's a big, smart, funny guy and I like big, smart, funny guys.  I'm married to a big, smart, funny guy.  

Turned out our friend got seats in the fourth row and I ended up on the aisle.  This was very exciting for me.  I got see things up close and hear all the banter going back and forth between the magicians and the audience volunteers.  Of which my Scott got to be one!  When he came back to his seat I seized his right hand and rubbed it on my face, just being silly. 

Scott made a Facebook post from his seat "Just got off the stage with Penn and Teller!".  I couldn't believe how many responses he got to that!  Many "No way!  That's so cool!" statements.  

After the show Penn and Teller sign autographs and pose for pictures.  We got to tell their piano player, an amazing jazz musician, how much we enjoyed his music.  I also wanted to look at all his tattoos.  It appears he has a full bodysuit and horns tattooed on his scalp.  

When we met Penn I spoke from my heart saying "I've had a crush on you for like, eight years, so I feel like I'm thirteen years old right now."  He was very gracious, said it was kind of me to say so.  He thanked Scott for coming up on stage and took a photo with us. 

In the photo I'm pointing at Penn with a big open mouth smile.  It looks quite a lot like I'm posing with a marlin I just caught.  

In preparation for that moment I'd gotten myself all dolled up with my Russian Red lipstick and my hair done up in victory rolls with a pink flower.  When we met Teller we got his autograph, told him how much we enjoyed the show.  I was standing aside waiting for Scott to look at our photo in our friend's camera.  

Teller leaned over to me and said  "I was noticing your hair from the stage.  It's very attractive."  

And my heart went pitter-pat-pat.  

Scott said he was just being nice.  I am choosing to believe that he thought I was a dollie and decided to tell me so.  At first I was telling myself that I was being pitiful making so much of this compliment.  Acting like Norma Desmond going over and over the glory days, clinging to straws in order to deny my inevitable aging. 

But why wouldn't I be flattered and pleased that a smart, funny celebrity gave me a compliment like that? Especially when he didn't have to.  

So I'm keeping that memory for days when I'm feeling particularly crappy.  It will remind me to slap on my lipstick because I'm my dishy self when I've got it on. 

Where's my compact? 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Drink water!  

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Sheila said...

Even though I wasn't there, I know he meant that compliment! And your hair does look awesome in victory rolls. I may need you to teach me how to do those.

Love the blog!!

Sheila from Envisage