Monday, September 20, 2010

A little fat.....

On page 198 in the October 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine there is an article about how men like curvy women.  "When men look at women's curves, the reward center in their minds lights up as though they were drinking alcohol or taking drugs."

This goes to support my thought that men are wired in their brains to like curvier women.  It makes sense from the man-as-an-animal-following-instincts point of view that they would gravitate towards a mate that can survive and have babies.  Curvier women give that visual cue.
Thin women, I got news for you.  Your man is looking at the voluptuous women.  Yes.  He is.  Doesn't mean he doesn't love you.  But he's lookin' all the same.  If you come to my house for dinner and I feed your man a banana pudding while wearing a push-up bra, he's going to be thinking about me later.  That's an arrogant statement, but it's true. 

Allow me to explain. I have a theory about men I call 'A Little Fat'.  Men like a little fat in their lives.  A little fat on their plate and a little fat on the woman serving it to them.
What do I mean by 'fat' when it comes to women?  Anything bigger than an A cup with hips larger than 34 inches, which is larger than a size 4.  "Fat" has become a judgmental word.  Donald Trump called Rosie O'donnell a fat slob.  Linda Tripp convinced Monica Lewinsky to not wear the infamous blue dress because she looked fat in it. 
I'm using the word 'fat' as a synonym for richness, sweetness and sensuality.  At least, as far as women are concerned. 
Fat makes things taste good.  And fat feels nice.  Breasts are made of fat.  Thin women don't have breasts.  Thin women don't have waists.  Nor do they have a nice round bottom.  It's the curvy girls who have that. Men generally like all those body parts.  
Men like a little softness in their lifestyle.  A little padding in the way their woman cares for them.  Many of them woudn't breathe a word of this for fear of being beaten by a mob of angry women armed with stilletos, but they like being taken care of.

They enjoy having their dinner brought to them at the table.  Having their coffee brought to them in bed.  Bacon and french toast on Sunday mornings while they sit and read the paper with a lovely woman in a pretty robe cinched up to show her hourglass figure smiling at him over their coffee.  They like the little touches and kisses and extra affection.

Women who have embraced their curves understand the sentiment It's said nothing tastes as good as thin feels, but self-denial starves your soul.
They've figured out that life is too short to live on air and string beans.  Some red wine and butter make life worth living.
I've noticed that women who eat with great appreciation of taste, and I don't mean "Oh I'll have one bite of bread pudding".  I mean when given the choices "Butter, sour cream, chives or cheese?" says "Yes."  These women laugh loudly, love intensely and give generously.
Toss on a pair of high heeled shoes and a layer of red lipstick, you get the message that she'll give you the sexual experience of your life before appearing with something rich and sweet from her kitchen.  Maybe a plate of bacon, which she'll feed to you with her soft hands. 
A woman who has a  sense of comfort in her skin has the knowledge that she can take care of her man but not be his doormat.  She does it because she's into him and likes to make him feel good.  She'll sit with him on Sunday morning having french toast and bacon without saying a word about how bad this food it for her.  She says "mmmmm" and accepts his kisses. 

 A little fat. Men like it.  As I said, they may not tell you, but it's true.   My husband tells me life is really about two things, boobs and bacon.  The order of those two things depends on how good of a day it is. 

Give them a plate of bacon, you'll see. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  If you need a lip liner to prevent your lipcolor from bleeding but dislike the look of it, Maybelline makes a clear lipliner.  Use it to prevent bleeding without leaving the tell-tale outline after lunch and before you've been able to touch up.

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