Sunday, June 8, 2014

An idea for a short film

As you all know, I work for a big coffee company that sells lattes and stuff.  This week I had some drama at the drive through window.

On Friday, a regular customer pulled up and said "I'd like to buy the coffee for the woman behind me because she's an asshole. She's been fucking with me all up and down Parmer.  I pulled out and there was plenty of room but she SPED UP......."  and there was more ranting from there.  She said she'd let me decide how to tell the mean lady to have a better day.

Next up is the mean lady. She's also a regular.  I tell her the customer in front of her bought her coffee and said to have a good day. 

This customer says "Oh, that's probably because she pulled out in front of me.  I had to slam on my goddamn brakes....." and there was more ranting from there.

Saturday comes around and the regular who did the buying of coffee pulls up. She asks me what happened when I told the mean lady that her coffee had been paid for.  I said that her replay was because of the pulling out in front of the other car incident.

"I did NOT pull out in front of her!" and more ranting from there.

Anyway, I got this idea for a short film that all takes place at a drive through window.  The above scenario happens.  Then the two women start buying each other more and more stuff.  One pre-pays for the other one's coffee for a week.  The next one buys for a month.  Next, comes a flower.  Then a bouquet of flowers.  Then balloons.  Spa day certificates.  Designer bags. 

At one point a really good looking young man comes and leans in the driver's side window.  The woman huffs, says "I'm going to be late for work.  Get in the car!" 

They keep responding "Oh she DID did she?  She bought me Kate Spade purse?  Well!  Two can play that game!  I'm going to get her a Louis Vuitton duffel bag!" 

Eventually, one of them says "So, what's going on with that WOMAN?" 

The drive through employee says 'Oh, she's really sick.  She needs a kidney transplant."

The movie ends with the two battling women lying side by side in hospital beds glaring at each other.


What do y'all think? 

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