Friday, April 11, 2014

I think this day should end now.

I've had quite the day.  Allow me to explain.

I was up at 3 to be at work at 4:15 a.m.  I did all my morning opening duties and then I got to work the front register.  I gave a couple who told me they were getting married today their coffee for free and asked the groom if he understood it wasn't about him.  I got coffee. I got coffee. I got coffee.

Then I had a customer who needed to put more money on her Starbucks card after she'd ordered 6 drinks and two sandwiches.  She had the application on her phone, so she just needed to scan the bar code.  I put in the reload amount and got that taken care of.  Then, she used a different Starbucks card on her phone app to take care of the remaining balance on her order.  That card didn't have any money on it.  I thought I'd missed reloading the first card, tried to do the reload again and then the works got all gummed up.  The customer walked out in a huff and I tried not to burst into tears I was so frustrated.  I really don't like it when I make mistakes and someone leaves in a huff. It's not like it's my goal of the day or anything.

I worked until 9:45 and came home to work on fixing the toilet in our downstairs quarter bath.  It's been stopped up for a couple of days.  I borrowed a plumber's snake from our excellent neighbors after plunging didn't work.  Snaking didn't work.  Baking soda and vinegar didn't work.  I decided I was going to try a different kind of snake and maybe some noxious substance to try and clear whatever what plugging it all up.

I went and got my stuff.  On the way home I had to stop at Zoe's school to pick up her harp.  For those of you who don't know, my daughter plays harp in her middle school orchestra.  This weekend she's doing a full day of playing harp with a group of other students who play harp within the area.  I was going to need to take Zoe and her harp up to the location of this event after she got out of school.

I brought my supplies inside and tried the more flexible snakey thingie.  Nope.  Bring on the noxious substance.  I followed the instructions.  There were fucking vapors rising from this stuff.  Nope.  Still clogged up. 

I tried my neighbor's heavy duty snake again.  When I pulled it back out the plastic tip of it had come off.   Well, fuck my life. 

What did I do?  I took to Facebook of course!  I whined about my plight.  An old friend of ours explained to me how he uninstalled his toilet, flushed it out with his hose in the backyard and put it back in. 

I thought "Oh, what the hell."  I got me a screwdriver, a wrench and a pair of needle nose pliers.  The tank was empty and I got that off.  I put it in the hallway.  I used an empty can that once held Bush's Baked Beans with Bacon and Brown Sugar to get the water out of the bowl, then I used rags to soak up the last of the water.  I got the bolts holding it down undone and lifted the whole thing up. 

I took the smelly thing out into the backyard and put it down near the hose bib.  I stuck the hose in the bottom of the toilet and turned the hose on full blast.  Pfffffssshhhhhhh....... POP. 

I swear to you, a ball of shit the size of a tennis ball came flying out and landed on my rosemary bush.  I believe I screeched a couple of curse words before I turned the hose on it.  It all broke apart and now it's fertilizing my rosemary plant.  I returned my attention to the throne and continued to hose it out.  Yep, all clear.  Well, there were smears in it.  I tried to wash those off and it became clear a household cleaner was going to be needed.

I got the smelly thing back in the house.  I got it back on the wax seal.  I got the bolts retightened.  I put the tank back on.  I reconnected the water.  I turned the water on.  I flushed. I checked for leaks. 

It worked.

Now, I needed to go pick up my son from school.  I fetched him from his midi keyboard class and took him over to a friend's house.  He was going to hang out there while I took my girl-child to her harp-a-palooza.  I sat down for 15 minutes.  Zoe came busting through the door and we were off.

We were running a little late.  We were made later by the fact that I drove three exits too far and had to back track.  We finally made it and I lugged the harp into the building.  I left my daughter there and returned home. 

I spent the next 20 minutes making sure that all the water was mopped up, spraying the room down with germ killing cleaner stuff and starting a load of laundry.  Then I went to get my son from our friend's house so we could go get his sister.  He said he wanted to stay and play with his friend.  I let him.

I drove back up to get Zoe but I got to leave her harp there.  Once we got home I took complete and full advantage of my friends and picked up my living room.  I let my daughter have Cheez-its for dinner while sitting in front of her computer. 

My son came home and I let him have Cheez-its for dinner too.  As I'm sitting on the couch, Gibson the Dog comes and sits next to me.  Then I realize that he has rolled in the mud created by my hosing out the toilet and he now smells like the tennis ball sized clod of poo I freed earlier that day.

I then gave the dog a bath.  I gave Fender the Puppy a bath just in case. Peavey the Dog isn't all that bright but he's bright enough to not roll around in shit. 

Then I watched TV for another 15 minutes while I played Candy Crush. 

Then I took a shower. 

Then I told the kids to get ready for bed.

Then I found Will's DS under the bottom sheet of his bed. 

Then I got both kids tucked in and told them good night.

Then I got myself some Cheez-its and started blogging.

I'm going to go to bed now.

And how was your day?

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Make sure that you are drying your face with a clean towel.  Keep a pile of washcloths by your sink and use those to dry your face instead of the towel that's been used to dry your bod. 

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