Friday, February 21, 2014

So, it's like this see

The smallest of choices can make big differences in someone's life.  Today, after some internal debate, I decided to go to the craft store closer to my house instead of driving to the bigger one further away.  That way I could go to the Wal-Mart up the street and get the other miscellaneous stuff I needed.

On my way out, I decided to go see what was at Redbox since Scott was going to be late-ish.  I could watch a movie.

As I'm browsing, I notice a woman sitting on the floor in the foyer.  She's looking at her phone, nothing out of the ordinary.   I heard an older couple ask her "What breed?"  and I look over.   She has a puppy in her lap.  I hear her say the puppy is a red heeler and she's looking for a home for him since she lost her place and can't take care of him anymore.

What do I do?  I go over and look at the little guy.  I held him and he was a little cuddle bug.

I tried to text and call Scott but I wasn't able to reach him.  I told her that I couldn't reach my husband and I didn't want to make a decision without him.  I got her number in case we would be able to take him.

When I got home I instant messaged to Scott that I almost brought home a puppy, then I told him the same story I just told you. 

He said "You could take him.  If the doofi don't like him, at least he'll have a place to stay until we can find another home for him."

I sent a text and went to pick the little guy up.  The woman I got him from was staying in a by-the-week budget hotel.  I paid her $60 and watched while she said goodbye to the pup.

"I lost my husband and my other dog.  Now I'm losing him."  She hugged him and said "I'm glad you're going to a good home. You be good."  Then she went into her room while I walked away.  My heart is breaking for this woman, who is obviously down on her luck.  I didn't press her for details, I just got out of there.

I named him Fender.  I took him home and spent 20 minutes introducing him to our other 2 dogs, Gibson and Peavey.  Peavey got a look on his face that clearly said "Oh, fuck my life."  and went in another room.  Gibson is the one we were concerned about.  He exhibits some aggression towards other dogs.  He wants to make sure that everyone knows he's the alpha dog.  We can't take him to the dog park because of this.  But, he took it pretty well.  He wagged his tail really big while he sniffed Fender all over.  He let him walk around the living room but stayed close to him.  There wasn't any growling or snapping. 

I took the puppy to school to pick up Will, who was thrilled.  Will held Fender in the car on the way home.  They played together while we waited for Zoe to get home.

We sat in the front yard and I hid Fender under my shirt while she walked down the street from the bus stop.  When I showed her what I was hiding she froze for about 5 seconds.  Then she started to squeal with excitement.

A couple of the kids' friends came over and swarmed all over our newest family member.  Now, I'm supervising everyone around the puppy. 

We were going to go to the local renaissance faire this weekend, but we'll be putting those plans off until next weekend.  Tomorrow we'll go to the pet store for supplies.  Then we'll come home and continue to see how our new dynamic is working out. 

Damn, but he's cute.

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Coconut oil makes an excellent deep, hair conditioner.  It will actually penetrate instead of coating.  A big jar of the stuff isn't super expensive and will last a loooong time. 

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