Friday, June 28, 2013

God wants to work in my life! Check this out!

A few weeks ago I was watching James Randi videos on Youtube while I did dishes.  (If you aren't familiar, check out his wiki entry:  Randi in a wiki-nutshell)   I watched one of the videos where Randi had investigated Christian evangelist Peter Popoff.  (Here's the link to Petey:  Halleujah! Pass the collection plate!)

I have a special interest in Peter Popoff because for many years he was based in my hometown of Upland, California.  My high school friend, Kristi, can remember her older sister babysat for the Popoff family.

I got interested and decided to send the good Mr. Popoff a prayer request via his website, just to see what I'd get in the mail.

And it arrived yesterday!  Check it out!

Okay, first I turned the envelop over to check the return address.  Look!  Upland!  Go Highlanders!

 I opened it up and found a very long letter about how Satan is controlling me with debt.  Peter wants to help me erase my debt.  The word erase is repeated quite a lot in the message sent to me.  As a matter of fact, it's used 24 times, usually in bold type and capitalized.  Anyway, the letter gives me specific instructions.  First, I don't open the little envelop that was included.  DON'T DO IT!  He instructs me firmly.  Then, I take the little envelope with the shadow of Jesus on it and put it on top of my checkbook and bills, just for tonight.  The next morning, I send the envelope back to him.  He will put it in his prayer altar and then he'll send it back with exact instructions on how to Erase My Debt!

Oh, and I have to send him $20 to sow the seed of prosperity.  If that's a hardship, I can send $12 and the rest when God provides.  Apparently, I'm not to come before God empty handed. I gotta give to get!

I'm to include the prayer slip that was also enclosed.  There is a space for me to write how much I am sending along with a check list of the hardships I am facing so they can help me with those too.  He thoughtfully included a postage paid envelope, but he asks if I have a stamp to put it on there to help save God's money for blessings. 

Here's the little envelope with Jesus on it.  It has a stain where it's been anointed with oil.  I'm not supposed to open it, but I do anyway.  There's something inside!  What is it?  

Oh my!.  Is it a cloth?  Is it a pad of small paper?  Is it a packet of holy salt?  What can it be?

It's an eraser.........    God sent me an eraser. 

Is he serious or is this performance art? 

Either way I'm not sending him any money.

I'm keeping the eraser though. 

Amanda's beauty tip of the day:  Sunscreen!  Sunscreen! Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!  Go put some on right now.  I'll wait here. 

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Jen @queenofhaiku said...

Your blog post makes me giggle! :D SO glad you shared that! The letter said "erase" a bunch of times - and then he sent you an actual eraser. LOL!

Also, boggles the mind that the way he will help you to erase your debt is to …. spend more money (by sending him some). Fascinating!

This is Jen from Envisage (also known as queen of haiku)